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Last Minute Gift Guides

Just in case you are someone who procrastinates, we are here to help! Here are a couple of last minute gifts that you can get for yourself or any gentleman.


Monster believes that you deserve better than what’s in the box. Featuring Monster Performance for Less, this sleek low-profile modern design and texture, these technology and feature-packed headphones are the perfect gift for students and commuters.

Monster believes that consumers deserve better and designed these headphones for consumers who typically use the earbuds that come with their devices.

In-Ear – Wireless – Best wireless in-ear headphone less than $100 (SRP: $79.95)

  1. In-line mic for clearer phone calls, and music control

  2. Extremely lightweight

  3. Innovative battery design for 8+ hours of listening

Buy a man a shirt and he’ll have something to wear for a day, but get him a menswear subscription box and he’ll have something to wear forever. Fellas: no more dreading going to the mall! Designed for the man who is always on their suit and tie game, The Tie Fix is a subscription tie and accessories box service that, for a monthly fee of $14.99 or a prepaid subscription of $149.99, will have you looking sharp all year long. From business professional to casual street style, The Tie Fix offers a range of styles to fit your needs. 


Get down to the heart of business with the G-STEEL GSTS100D-1A4. The G-STEEL series consists of a quality metal body with the shock resistant structure that G-SHOCK is known for.

Available in both stainless steel and resin bands for fashion forward designs. Starting at $300


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