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5 Amazing Nightclubs in Las Vegas with Bottle Service

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant nightlife, so of course, it is going to have some the greatest nightclubs in the country for you to enjoy. Have the best nightclub at these five Las Vegas nightclub with bottle service.

Apex Social Club

Palms Hotel & Casino – Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Previously home to the GhostBar, the extraordinary upgrade of Apex Social Club must be seen. The club offers magnificent views of the Las Vegas strip and has a fun and sexy atmosphere. You can get bottle service inside the club and on the rooftop. Bottle service gives you quick entrance and your own table, seating, and areas to dance and socialize the night away. Typical bottles of alcohol are priced between $450 to $650. Table Service at Apex Social Club begins at $250, tables at this price place on the side of the venue. The tables at the front of the main room and rooftop deck start at $900, and for tables in the middle of the club, prices begin at $1,350.

Chateau Nightclub

Paris Hotel & Casino – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Chateau Nightclub has created two unique areas to dance the night away in their dynamic nightlife venue. The best way to experience the nightclub is by enjoying it in one of the reserved area in either the indoor club or rooftop party. The bottle service areas have the best views of live performance, top DJs, as well as your own space to sit, dance, and have fun. You get quick access to the club with bottle service. Some of the tables on the rooftop give you amazing views of the Las Vegas strip and Bellagio fountains. Typical bottles are priced between $450 and $500. Bottle service tables at Chateau Nightclub start at $425, tables at this price will be on the side of the main room and rooftop. The tables in the center of the action begin at $1,000, and the best tables are near the dance floor and start at $1,500.

Marquee Nightclub

Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino – Monday, Friday, Saturday

Marquee has one of the most excellent main rooms in Las Vegas, with unique production and LED displays. At night out at Marquee usually is one of the most high-energy parties in Vegas. Bottle service enhances your experience by getting you a table with the best views of the club, including the headlining DJs. Entry-level tables at Marquee start at $600 and are usually located at the main pool deck with a connection to the main room. For tables along the back wall of the main room, tables start at $1,200, but the best tables near the dance floor start at $2,000, and to get right on the dance floor, you are looking at $3000 or more.

Tao Nightclub

Venetian Hotel & Casino – Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Tao is a famous club and one of the longest-running nightclubs in Las Vegas. Tao’s main room has been designed to give those who have reserved table service the best view of the action in the club. The night club continuously adds new and exciting technologies and products to keep their venue interesting. When you reserve bottle service, you will receive a unique entrance into the nightclub. The best tables in TAO are situated next to the dance floor. Typical bottles of alcohol are between $600 and $675. Bottle service tables start at $600 at Tao, and tables at this price are along the side of the main room. For tables closer to the center of the room, pricing begins at $1,800 and is located in the booth area. The tables in the trench of the main room start at $2,500, but the best tables are near the dance floor and start at $3,000.

XS Nightclub

Encore Hotel & Casino – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Enjoy the ultimate nightlife experience at XS Nightclub. The interior of XS is built in a half-circle with a large dance floor in the center, making the DJ and LED video production the focal point. The tables are all tiered with great views of all the action in the nightclub. Outside there is a pool, daybeds, and cabanas. Sunday evenings, all the fun happens in the pool, during the popular Night Swim event. Getting bottle service means quicker entry into the club, and your own table to party, dance and socialize at. A bottle service reservation includes a waitress, security staff, and busser. Usually, the best tables are surrounding the first tier of the dance floor and behind the DJ booth. These table locations are roped off or have seating arranged to keep the area private. Standard bottles of alcohol are between $600 and $675. Entry-level tables begin at $1,000, tables at the main room start at $2,000, and the best tables start at $5,000.


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