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Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept Revealed

Today at the EmTech event at MIT, Lamborghini unveiled the Terzo Millennio. This supercar concept is straight out of the future! For now, the Terzo Millennio is a box being shown on display for the event goers to drool over but we hope it will be on the road soon!

The Terzo Millennio is an electric concept car that may drive itself. Even though self-driving cars are starting to appeal to the masses, I’m not sure how many people want a sports car that they don’t drive themselves. Alessandro Farmeschi, the COO for Lamborghini America told The Verge “You don’t normally buy a sports car to have it driven by a computer.”

Here is some backstory on how this concept came about. Last year, Lamborghini partnered up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to come up with something that will “rewrite the rules on super sports cars” for the third millennium. i.e. Terzo Millennio.

We look forward to seeing what technology and power the new design of Lamborghini will bring. Check out more photos of the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio below.


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