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Lakers out Sixers in: the ideal Draft Lottery 1-5

The NBA Draft lottery is tonight and here is the preview of what outcome would be best for the NBA.

Coming into tonight’s lottery, 14 teams have a chance of getting the top slot. The Boston Celtics, Pheonix Suns, and the Los Angeles Lakers have the best odds at a Top three selection. In the case of the Lakers, that top three selection is critical.

The Lakers pick is top three protected, if it falls outside the three, the pick goes to Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia 76ers are sitting at fourth in odds and will have the best shot knocking the Lakers out of contention.

Of course, who wouldn’t want the lovable-Lakers to keep their pick? The true underdog story of the humble Lakers team beating the odds. Keeping their pick and play happily ever after in Sunny LA.

Orlando may have a problem with that. Sitting at five in the Lottery standings are the Magic. The team with as much dysfunction as the Knicks and as little team interest as the Hawks, the Magic need an outstanding draft.

{Julie Jacobson/AP}

Speaking of the Knicks, they sit at seven right behind the Timberwolves. While the Knicks struggle with continuity and regular day-to-day tasks, the Wolves need more on the court help. Another pick could seal up the Wolves game and make them a dark horse for next years playoff push.

The Picks:

{Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports}

{Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports}

The following is a speculative list of what would be the best draft order for the future of the NBA and why the choice was mad.

Pick 1: The Boston Celtics

The Celtics are one of the few teams in history to have top three pick and also make the playoffs (let alone be the top seed). That being said The Celtics roster is as flawed as any in the league. They don’t quite know how to utilize Al Horford strength. Above all, they Celtics roster is as undersized as they come. This tends to happen when your point guard is 5’9″, and your two guard is roughly 6’1″.

Regardless of what the Celtics do in the playoffs, they need more than just a draft pick. They’ll need to decide where they are going with this roster. While the Celtics may not be interested in adding another teenager to their roster, the pick gives Boston flexibility in how they move forward.

Pick 2: The Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers have the potential to be a BIG next season. Not only with their plethora of front-court fillers but in their ability to make a difference in the East.

Joel Embiid, in only 30 games, turned the Sixers into an exciting team. He’s a defensive stopper and is unstoppable on the offensive end. When he’s on the court, the Sixers have one of the best defensive ratings in basketball.

With Ben Simmons coming into what will be his rookie year, the point-forward should take the reigns of this Sixers teams budding offense. Simmons play-making should make the lives easier for all of the Sixers role-players and could lighten the load put on Embiid’s shoulders.

Joel Embiid (Left) Ben Simmons(Right) presumably thinking about how they could have two first round selections {AP PHOTO/CHRIS SZAGOLA}

Joel Embiid (Left) Ben Simmons(Right) presumably thinking about how they could have two first round selections {AP PHOTO/CHRIS SZAGOLA}

That being said, the Sixers need a guard presence for the future. Whether that be someone in the draft or they trade out and go for someone already with playing experience.

The teams of the East have been so bad for so long, a rejuvenation of the team’s skill players would make the east interesting again.

Pick 3: The Minnesota TimberWolves

The Wolves don’t need this pick to be successful, but it gives them options. Their efforts to find a suitable point guard may have to continue after Kris Dunn‘s rookie campaign, Although he and Rickey Rubio showed tremendous potential as the season was wrapping up.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

{Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports}

Something they should consider doing is drafting Josh Jackson at the spot for the intentions if making him their small ball four. However, it may make more sense for them to trade down in this draft. They could fill up some holes that prevented them from being a contender last year.

Pick 4: The Philadelphia 76rs (Via Los Angeles Lakers)



Oh no, the poor Lakers lost their pick, they’ll be okay. The NBA will be fine without the Lakers bumbling another draft decision before they get spooked and decide to trade for Paul George.

The Sixers need the picks, they’re not the team we deserve but the team we need! Give us 15 years of Embiid destroying defenders in the paint and from behind the arch so he can tweet about it later on. 15 years of Simmons producing highlight-reel dimes to whoever comes out of this draft(Malik Monk). The NBA is a better place if this Philly team makes it.

Pick 5: The Pheonix Suns

The Suns have a tremendous future ahead of them, but they also have a lot of pieces that don’t fit. Consequently, it’s up in the air as to where to go from here. They have a number of players that don’t necessarily fit their timeline. At some point, they’ll have to decide what to do with Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight as they continue to lose value and show. no interest in staying with the team long-term. With a pick in the top five they’ll be able to continue their build but by no means do they have any sort of direction.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

{Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports}

Notable absences.

  1. The Knicks: While they have made relatively good draft decisions in recent years, putting another high-level rookie being trapped in purgatory does nothing for the NBA.

  2. The Magic: that’s a hard pass.

  3. The Nuggets: With the ascension of Nikola Jokic, and narrowly missing out on the postseason their offseason hangs on their free agent signings and adding defensive players to an offensive-centric roster.


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