Kyrie Irving Wants Out of ‘the Land’

Just when it seems that the NBA had settled into a stasis of off-season hibernation, the Cavs imploded. As reported by ESPN, Kyrie Irving is looking to relocate. Also saying he no longer want’s to play with Lebron James.

While this news shocked most of the sports world today, the Cavaliers and James have known for over a week. This revelation was only tipped by the news that Irving even considered asking to be moved after their championship season.

Entering his seventh season with the Cavs Irving’s star has grown exponentially to those outside looking in. However, Irving himself has not felt the same stardom partnered with James and effectively living in his shadow.

Just gonna leave this here … Cavs with Kyrie Irving ON, LeBron James OFF last season: -120 in 635 minutes. — Tom Haberstroh (@tomhaberstroh) July 21, 2017

Many will accuse him of selfishness or stupidity but I am here to tell you to understand his predicament. At 25 he is just entering his prime and legitimately a top-3 point guard right now. When he signed his extension he had no idea he was going to be playing with James. Because of this, the shine of Irving’s abilities will have an inconsequential sense to them.

Although that’s what happens when the best player on the planet joins your team right? Irving should just suck it up and play even if he thinks he’ll never amount to his potential and may live the rest of his life not knowing what he was fully capable of because winning a championship and that’s all that really matters…right?