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Kobe Bryant Creates Body Care Company to Enhance Athletes

Since dropping 60 points in his last NBA game, Kobe Bryant has shown the world that his retirement will not be the classic golf days and beach waves. Earlier this year, Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for his short film Dear Basketball. With athletics still on his mind, Kobe Bryant is still showing love to his fellow athletes. Bryant launched a body care line for athletes named Art of Sport (AOS). Though he isn’t playing with the Lakers, Kobe has new teammates, CEO Matthias Metternich and entrepreneur Brian Lee. Together they look to offer the essential products including deodorant, body wash, sunscreen, and soap bars all while using botanical rich formulas.

It is no surprise that Kobe Bryant hasn’t left the spotlight, like LeBron James, he is out to prove to he is more than an athlete. Since winning his Oscar, Kobe has embarked on this challenge of creating various products for athletes. Art of Sport was created on the idea that products geared towards sports are more about marketing than actual performance. “We literally walked the aisles of every major retailer and saw sunscreen that said ‘sport’. We saw body wash and deodorant that said ‘sport’ on it. When we turned those products and looked at the formula, we didn’t see anything that was particularly innovative.” said Matthias Metternich. Art of Sport claims to not only provide the normal service of body protection but also be performance enhancing.

Nowadays we are seeing athletes really pushing to do more. It doesn’t matter if it is being on the big screen with movies and short films, community service, or building their own schools, they are changing the game off the field. “Athletes are becoming more curious about business. It’s not just signature shoe deals anymore,” Bryant said. “The athletes have become much more savvy about the [business] industry as a whole and they want to learn more about the building of a company and about being a part of a company from Day 1. That’s a big shift from the way sports used to be.”

Even though any company only needs Kobe Bryant as the face of a company to promote good business, Art of Sport has signed some big names to their organization. Players like MLB All-Star Javier Báez, NFL star receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, and reigning NBA MVP James Harden are on board with AOS and will certainly bring in good revenue.

The beauty in Kobe’s vision for AOS is the focus on the spirit of an athlete which he believes is in everyone. Although the main goal is to get athletes to purchase the brand, AOS doesn’t shy away from people who don’t play sports. “Whether you’re on a basketball team or you’re sitting in a meeting, you’re still dealing with people and still dealing with the same emotions and same fears,” he added. “The discipline is different, but the inner challenges remain the same.” With the new AOS products hitting the market not only can you expect a rise in performance from the athletes you see on TV, but if you purchase it expect a rise for yourself.


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