Eugene Davis of KMD Business Consulting Brings Entrepreneurial Dreams to Life

A plan with a vision and much hard work can bring entrepreneurial dreams to life. Aspiring to follow the path less traveled can be challenging, but it can also reap bountiful rewards that may have the potential to change the trajectory of one’s life. A person may never know the true nature of their limitless potential unless they take the plunge. In an inspiring conversation with QG, Eugene Davis, Chief Operating Officer of KMD Business Consulting offers insight on how local communities can benefit from small businesses, the challenges of being a start-up company and much more!

What inspired the creation of KMD Business Consulting?

In 2004, my parents started KMD Business Consultants, LLC. From its conception, the consulting firm was driven by their faith and anchored on their willingness to take risk. Over the years, our willingness to take a risk has provided opportunities to share in the American dream. The firm’s strong held attributes of assessing and initiating corporate undertakings provided a culture of independence for our family business. As the son of first-generation entrepreneurs, I am excited to carry on their vision by taking this company to new levels.

The divisions of KMD Business Consultants include government services, redevelopment, business center, and business consulting. The Government Services Division helps government entities with their procurement. The Redevelopment Division focuses on revitalizing business properties to improve our communities. The Business Consulting Division provides professional and management services through its MACS business centers located in Williamstown and Paulsboro, NJ. The business centers are under my management control with applications orientated to its sister Redevelopment Division.

What is it about business consulting that interests you?

What interests me lies with providing expert advice for creating and carrying on the vision of starting companies. I love to see entrepreneurs succeed. Me being an entrepreneur before coming to work at KMD as part-owner of an active wear clothing business named F. L. Y. (Fresh Living Young), I knew firsthand what a business needed to be successful. When entrepreneurs succeed, then I feel we are giving back to society. Additionally, I like helping our community by creating more jobs, which is a major issue in the United States.

How can the local community and surrounding areas benefit from your company’s services?

The benefits start with the redevelopment of blighted properties in communities. Local communities and surrounding areas benefit from more business in the community people can patronize. For example, KMD is currently partnering with the community in a project in Paulsboro. The project secured and brought Save a Lot grocery store, Dollar Tree, Mailbox Store, Hair Salon, Signarama, and a business center to the community. These establishments bring opportunities for the connection between local business and local talent in the Paulsboro area. In additio