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Kevin Knox and Subway Are Going Bigger and Better

Subway is coming out with new heat…literally! Today, Subway will add 4 new signature sandwiches to their menu and they are also teaming up with the newest member of the New York Knicks Kevin Knox. Not only is Kevin Knox excited for his new journey with Subway, but he is also elated for his rookie debut in the Big Apple. As the 9th pick of this year’s NBA draft, the 19-year-old is looking to have a bright future.

It is no secret that in order to be a professional athlete you have to have a big appetite, for Kevin Knox that has always been a no-brainer, to not only eat fresh but eat right by choosing Subway. At a promotional event to kick off Subway’s fresh start, Knox told the story of how Subway was his go-to meal of choice. “Growing up my AAU team use to travel around to different cities and the great thing about Subway is you can’t lose! You walk in there and create your own sandwich.” Knox went on to praise Subway for always being there for him and his family, he even joked and said his younger siblings can’t get enough of it.

Knox got a chance to talk about things on the court including the New York Knick’s chances of success now that LeBron has went to the Los Angeles Lakers. “I feel like our future is bright right now. I believe we have a very young team. I’m young, Kristaps Porzingis is young and many others on our team are too, plus NBA Free Agency should be good for us. You never know who we could get.” A justified statement with stars like Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving expressing their interest of being in the big city. The 19-year-old rookie also spoke on the opportunity to play under David Fizdale who is more of a player’s coach than John Calipari and how he can improve as a player. Overall in his preparation for the season, it was important to make time for Subway.

Andy Dismore, Subway’s director of Innovation for North America, can’t get enough of Knox and Subway turning a new leaf. “Kevin’s story is unreal! He is a fan of the brand, and we are celebrating the expectations and excitement that he is bringing to New York.” The four signature sandwiches that Subway is adding to their menu is Chipotle Cheesteak, Chipotle southwest steak & cheese signature wrap, Firebird signature wrap, and Honey Jalapeño Chicken signature wrap. Dismore went on to talk about Subway’s vision “We have always had a lock on customization, but we are starting to realize that we can hit both ends out the spectrum with chef inspired sandwiches”. Subway will also use $80 million dollars to redesign all their restaurants by the summer of 2019 to reinforce their new outlook on freshness.

The collaboration of Kevin Knox and Subway is great, together they look to entertain NBA fans with solid play on the court, and new levels of satisfaction to your belly.


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