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Kendrick Lamar Announces Partnership with Nike

In a move that was surprising to some, Kendrick Lamar announced over Twitter Saturday that he was joining the Nike family. In the golden age of Music, personalities are crossing over into the fashion world and Lamar will likely be the face of Nike in the Industry. Don’t expect his time with Nike to Mirror his time with Reebok.

Cortez. Since day one. #teamnike #TDE @nike @nikelosangeles — Kendrick Lamar (@kendricklamar) August 26, 2017

If you listen to his music, you can assess that Lamar has changed a good deal since his first Album. More explosive rhythms, more experimental visuals, and more provocative lyrics. In his time in the spotlight, Lamar has become a Music and Social Icon, but with Nike, he may expand his Horizons.

His collabs with Rebook were both personal and simplistic which seemed to fit the style of Lamar.

This New venture with Nike, which is sure to bring some great Collabs, this may indicate a new identity for Lamar. Channeling expression from his roots and a more brazen Lamar to seep out into the public.

Kung Ku Kenny — Eddie (@l0rd_edwin) July 20, 2017

Given his level of Stardum, Lamar is almost a relative recluse or at least has been. Over the past few months, Lamar has become a frequent user of social media and much more visible in the public eye.

‘Damn’ Lamar’s latest beloved album was as much a hit lyrically as it was visually. Turning in a litany of impeccable music videos, his presence culturally has never been stronger, and that’s not by accident.

While he has accomplished a great deal in his career, he has never been known for his fashion sense. Even acknowledging his lack of interest in designer clothes, he has managed to succeed in an era where hip-hop and fashion are almost synonymous.

However, that doesn’t mean he can’t have his own fashion giving him his own identity. With his sleek, minimalist wardrobe, Lamar is on the far end of the spectrum in relation to his peers Kanye West, A$AP RockyPharrell, Rhiana, and Drake.

While the exact parameters of Lamar’s deal with Nike are unclear at this time, it’s never as simple as shoe deal. Signing an artist like Lamar is a culture change for Nike as their hold on the market has slipped over the past year. Under Armour who just signed A$AP Rocky, and Adidas who has been on the rise for three years now, look to take Nike’s seat at the table.

The move to get Lamar isn’t only to stave off their competitors but to re-illustrate their persona. Lamar’s presence should stabilize the brand’s image and give them something to market other than Retro’s. With Lamar in house, his presence and likeness are bound to end up everything from sneakers to wrist bands.

In the era of “Influencers,” two entities as powerful as these two are sure to do incredible things together.


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