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Keever West comes into his own on “WITH LOVE” EP

Keever West is stepping out and into his own and 2016 has been the year of proof. Earlier this year he release his first project, a Mixtape titled May 1981. With amazing reviews Keever felt it was time to turn it up and he recently released With Love. His 5 song work of art. ” It is absolutely amazing if I must say so myself. “With Love” Is for the Grown and Sexy. It is for those who love to kickback and enjoy a glass of wine with your lover or by yourself. This is for YOU. This is inspired for all of the lovers out there.” Says Keever. With song like Practice and Who am I, Keever is bound to make realize why you fell in love OR make you want to fall in love. You can purchase “With Love” on iTunes, Amazon and more.

About:Keever West Wyatt III AKA “Keever West” is a Midwest native who currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Born in Indianapolis, IN, Keever grew up in the inner city with four siblings, three brothers and one sister in a close knit family with strong Christian and musical roots. At church is where he was given the opportunity to really display his extraordinary talents as a vocalist. Whether it was a church solo or harmonizing with his siblings after church around the piano, Keever’s passion and talent for music began to really shine through and be notice at an early age.

This multi-talented musical producer and song writer sowed his first seeds of music by rendering background vocals in the U.S. and also in Europe for artists such as “Jill Scott”, “Kindred Family Soul” and “Jaguar Wright” who is known mostly for Her feature on “MTV’s Unplugged Feat. Jay-Z”. Last but not least, Keever’s own sister ”R&B Divas Atlanta” sensation “Ke’Ke’ Wyatt” who he has written, produced and co-produced music with as well. Keever has made numerous appearances on TV1’s R&B Divas Atlanta and is signed to AKATEK Entertainment Music Group based in Atlanta, GA. He’s latest project under ARATEK Entertainment is a debut Extended Player (EP) album entitled “Keever West – With Love” which released October 2016. He also has a mixtape project titled “May 1981” that was released in May 2016.

Keever’s EP album release marks a new direction for him, both musically and professionally. Through his new music Keever feels people will get to know the more sensual side of him and his perception of love. While his mixtape exudes raw talent and diversity, his EP is smoother, more relaxing and formulated to enhance a sexier atmosphere. He co-produced on his album with The Soul For Real Music Group base out of New York. His writing skills shine on each project; being he has written every song on  both. His mixtape displays music samples from both hip hop and R&B musical artists who have inspired him alike. It’s dedicated to real life situations with dynamic, thought provoking lyrics. His EP album tells a story about the nature of love; the good, the sexy and the intimacy of it all. Keever is sure to make his mark on the music industry with the hopes of changing relationships for the better one song at a time.



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