Kanye West’s Gospel Album? “Jesus Is King” Review

After declaring his seventh studio album TLOP was a gospel album, he later battled some personal demons on his eighth album Ye. Scrapped what was supposed to be “Yandhi” only to decree his ninth album Jesus Is King, which isn’t just a gospel album, but his testimony.

It’s doesn’t take long before you realize JIK isn’t an extension of West’s weekly Sunday Service, but more so his own weekday. Easy to argue if it is or isn’t a gospel album when the majority of gospel songs surpass the five-minute mark and none of Kanye’s songs touched four minutes. In fact, the album’s duration ends after 27 minutes, but we know most black church services are just getting seated within the first 27 minutes.

Of course, this new genre comes with a few gospel artists sprinkled in to assist with notoriety, but the features never overshadow or take away for what it is Mr. West is doing. And nowadays we’re always uncertain what it is he’s actually trying to convey. One thing that’s clear is he’s no longer overly obsessed with perfecting the quality of his vocal production. West’s sound has always been ahead of its time, and although this isn’t your traditional gospel album, with a distinctive gospel sound, it has the ability and content to be categorized as Christian Rap.