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Jovanie’s MAGICal Return

Brooklyn native Jovanie isn’t new to the music scene. Having initially built a fan base through uploads of covers, he has been noticed by many people in the industry. From traveling on tour with Jeremih, PARTNEXTDOOR, and NE-YO to performing at Jordan Brand’s launch in Paris, Jovanie is well on his way. His latest single, Magic, was the perfect track for the summer. We had the opportunity to learn more about his return with new music and what we can look forward to.

Your latest single is titled Magic. What is Magic?

When I first heard the beat, it was more so of a real old school beat. It was like a classical song. I was trying to combine the old generation and the new generation into one and create Magic. When you see a female and you’re attracted to her, there’s a certain spark that you really can’t explain. It’s magical.

When people are listening to your music, what do you want them to feel?

Honestly. I feel like people relate to different songs. There are heartbreaking songs, there are fun songs. So for Magic, I just want them to catch a vibe, sit back and enjoy their time. Then there are some songs I really want them to dive deep in with me on my emotional roller coaster that we call life and that some people can relate to.

When writing your music, where do you pull inspiration from?

I grew up listening to a lot of old R&B and new R&B. So being able to combine those two and really dive deep. When I hear a beat, I just flow with the motions and let the vocals take it away. However, I’m feeling is what I write.

Describe your personal style.

My favorite thing ever is Jordans. I can’t live without them. That’s my number one rule. If it ain’t Jays, it ain’t right. When it comes to fashion, growing up, I ripped my clothes, tear it up and tried different things. I think I got it from growing up and seeing the Prince’s and MJ’s go out and do their own thing. When it comes to fashion, it’s like my music, its however I feel. Weird is the new normal, do you!

If you could record a record with anyone, who would it be?

Bruno Mars. There has never been a song that he put out that made me feel like it’s not a good song. I felt like he only makes hit records and his music is just different. No one in our generation can compare, in my opinion. I’d like to just be able to get in the studio with someone like that and pick their brain.

What can we look forward to from Jovanie?

Most definitely more music. Being on the road, connecting with my fans and growing as an artist.

Check out Magic below.

Photo Credit: Zach Stith