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Joshua Triplett talks His Latest Single “I’m Just Sayin”, Acting and more

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You’ve seen Joshua Triplett all over your TV screen from popular TV shows like Lifetime Network’s My Crazy Ex, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 and CBS’s Super Girl as well as Nickelodeon’s hit show Gameshakers alongside the dangerously funny, Kel Mitchell. You may even noticed his distinct smile in national TV commercials such as McDonald’s, Pepsi, LG, Credit Karma and 5-Hour Energy, which is currently airing now.

While also focusing on his acting career, Joshua Triplett is also a recording artist who recently dropped his new single, “I’m Just Sayin” featuring Redhead. The Quintessential Gentleman sat down with Joshua Triplett as he discusses music, acting and his inspiration.

QG: How old were you when your talents were discovered and who discovered them?

JT: According to the story my mother tells me. I was 2 years old when I started singing. But the way I remember it, I was in the Second grade and the principle of my elementary school realized that I could sing. I went into the office one day with my “shades on” as she recalls it, with chances to be in the talent show. I began to sing Boys 2 Men, my favorite r&b group at the time. Not only did I make it into the talent show that year but She also made me a soloist in the 6th grade choir. I was the only 2nd grader in the schools history to sing a solo for the sixth grade choir. That’s when I knew I could do this.

QG: You’ve just released your latest single “I’m Just Sayin”, Is there a specific person you are talking to in that song?

JT: I’m not speaking about anyone in particular. I was more so trying to make a good song that feels good, that’s catchy, and that’s trendy. However, I kept it clean lyrically as I am a very clean cut artist.

QG: If you can do a collaboration with any artist who would it be and why?

JT: I would love to collaborate with Chris Brown, as he is my favorite artist at the moment. I would also love to work with rihanna one day. I would love to be able to record a song written by Ne-Yo. Lastly, I would love to collaborate with Jason Derulo because he and I went to college together in NYC and we used to write, sing and dance together all the time. After graduating he slowly became the Jason Derulo you all know today. It would be cool to work with him again though to see the progression of talents. Plus he is a super dope writer.

QG: Name someone in the industry that inspired you and why?

JT: I am inspired by so many great artist all around. I am inspired by Will Smith’s overall career, his family his ability to keep negativity out of his life. One of my favorite comedians is Jim Carrey and Martin Lawrence. Some of my favorite singers are Tank, Brian McKnight, JMoss, Smokie Norful and Bslade. I’m inspired by so many, for several reasons, be it lifestyle, intelligence, growth, talent, or social involvement.

QG: You have recently joined BET’s Pilot “The Yard” what role do you play?

JT: I play the role Tavon, a senior frat brother in the show.

QG: How is the transition from TV to Music?

JT: The transition is not as hard as it seems, because I did music prior. I started music back home in Youngstown, OH and it took the backseat to my acting career for the past three years. Now that I feel accomplished as an actor and seem to be pretty consistent, I felt it was time to re-introduce my music to the world. It has been tough because you have to convince yourself that you still have it. You also have to remember how to still have it.

QG: What is your dream role in a movie or TV series?

JT: My dream role at this point is to simply have a huge movie and or TV series. No time to be picky lol. Once I knock that off the list then I go back to sleep and start dreaming. It’s coming.

QG: What or who keeps you motivated in this competitive industry?

JT: My Family keeps me motivated. My daughter keeps me motivated as she is also an actress that watches me everyday so I have to lead by example. Lastly, God keeps me motivated. He continues to show me signs of my future, examples of blessings that keep me a float, and he keeps my passion ignited as I know my place on this earth.

QG: How do you feel about the lack of diversity in last year Oscar nominations?

JT: I think it was sad, and it shows a clear example of what opportunities people of color have. if you think Black people have it bad talk to my asian friends who look for roles on tv and film. The sad thing is we call this country a melting pot of races, cultures, religions etc, yet the white citizen is still considered the “norm.” But this motivates me to create my own projects and to support other projects that challenge what normal is in our entertainment industry.

QG: Do you think Hollywood would ever give everyone an equal opportunity?

JT: Unfortunately, no time soon. I have been a victim of this industry as well as seen some of my closest friends. I will say that it won’t change until society changes. We as a nation, as a world… we have so much growing to do.

QG: If you can talk to your teenage self, what would you tell yourself and why?

JT: I would say to myself as a teen to spend more time with your father as he passed away about five years ago. I would tell myself to save all the money that I came across, because I wasted a lot of money in my New York Days. Lastly, I would tell my self to pay attention to everything going on around me as I would be able to have learned so much more a lot faster. With that being said, I do not regret anything in my life and I don’t feel like I could have been anymore prepared in this life.

QG: Any tips you can give to someone that wants to enter this industry?

JT: The best tip I could give anyone is this: 1. Make sure you keep God first. Without God my success would not be possible. God keeps me grounded. 2. Make sure you truly love it. There are times where you will question why you are going through all this and you have to realize “why”. My why is because I love it. I was put on this earth for this. And I can’t fail because if I do.. I will let my family down. So that’s my why. Find yours. 3. Don’t rush your success. 4. Don’t judge your success based off of others. I judge my success from growth. I am further than I was last year. And well ahead of where I was five years ago. Judge your success from your growth.

QG: Do you work with any non-profits or community service initiatives?

JT: I was just introduced to the Staving Artist Project, where I was able to sponsor a “starving Artist” and nominate them to receive free head shots for life. I usually give back by donating my time doing magic shows for events or charities. I enjoy performing for the kids.

QG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JT: In five years, I plan to have at least three huge Box office Films that I am a part of. I plan to have at least one show on Prime Time Television where i am one of the lead actors. I will have a house, possibly another child, (a son) and have released at least three full studio albums.

QG: What can we look forward to in the future from you?

JT: You can expect another single, “Too Long”. More on the Pop side. You can expect a full EP this fall. And possibly a full album by second quarter of next year. Look out for me in several commercials representing some of the worlds biggest Brands. I will be releasing 2-3 Short films that I wrote & Produced with in the coming months. Always working.


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