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John Gibson Promoted to Vice President at MPAA

John Gibson is heralded Vice President of External & Multicultural Affairs at Motion Pitcures Association of America (MPAA). In 2012, he created the Inclusion and Multicultural Outreach Program under the direction of then-CEO and former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd.

Groundbreaking history was made through the creation of the diversity program which had not existed in 75 years prior to Gibson and Sen. Dodd. They’ve partnered with minority organizations that championed for diversity in the entertainment world and Gibson has become the organizations’ voice as he seeks to build lasting connections with studios on their behalf. He is the visionary liaison helping to enrich the studio based diversity and inclusion programs. He is also a board member of numerous multicultural film festivals such as the American Black Film Festival (ABFF). The festival’s ultimate goal is to enter mainstream Hollywood and Gibson assists with steering them in the right direction.

Truly embracing diversity in film and television involves celebrating every unique aspect that defines the human experience through all walks of life. Audiences need to see a respectfully authentic representation of themselves on the silver screen. After all, entertainment is for everyone. Whether the genre is drama or fantasy, inclusion should encompass the full spectrum of all filmmaking has to offer as an honored art form. Art is a reflection of life as are all stories regarding tragedy and triumph. These experiences deserve to be shared with the world. Thanks to programs like the one co-created by Gibson, Hollywood is one step closer to bringing these aspirations to life. There’s a long road ahead, but a glimmer is on the horizon.

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