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Jets Looking for a Diamond in the Rough

The New Jersey New York Jets are looking to upgrade at QB. A dismal 5-11 record last season has put everyone on edge. So on edge that the Jets front office is looking at veteran Jay Cutler. At 34 and a history of throwing interceptions, Cutler may not be what’s best for the green and white. Ultimately, it will come down to how much the Jets want to pay Cutler. They were reluctant to spend big money on other free agent QB’s and definitely don’t want to tie up any with Cutler. Even if he is on their radar there may be better options out there.


Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin and Josh McCown could all be considerable options. All four QB’s are at a crossroads in their career with three getting cut by their respective team. The Jets have no room to be picky though as they need to improve their situation immediately. Leading the league in interceptions last year, the Jets have nowhere to go but up. As they showed in 2015, with good passing, they can be a legitimate playoff contender. Although, without Brandon Marshall they may have trouble filling his shoes. Also, with 10 WR on their current roster and the upcoming draft, they’ll have an abundance of options.

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The QB market is obviously slim and with no chance at getting Tony Romo and no clear-cut option in the draft these are their options. Either they take their chances with Bryce Petty or try out one of these 3. McCown is a career backup who has had put up moderate performances for a multitude of teams. Unfortunately with his success, it has not amounted to wins. At 37, McCown too may be too old for the Jets plans unless they’re looking for a place holder until they find their franchise QB. 


Griffin on the other hand is 27 and the youngest of the bunch. The former rookie of the year has been plagued with the injury bug. Unable to sustain any time on the field has prevented him from improving his game. Not to mention the complications around his teams in D.C and Cleveland have only added to his issues. Griffin may still have something left to give but I don’t know if New Jersey New York is the place for that.


Arguably the best option of this group is Kaepernick. At 29 and the only QB with legitimate playoff and season success. Kaepernick’s poor play as of late is a result of his situation. With a team that was drained of its talent, he had no one to play alongside him this past year. At 6’4 with speed, Kaepernick is a dynamic playmaker and a dual threat from the behind the line. In theory he could be great if the Jets staff can help him get back to where he was. As is the case for the others this depends on the price tag. If the Jets and Kap can agree to mutually beneficial deal maybe for just a season they may both benefit.


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