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Jesse Williams Teams With Scholly To Help Find Scholarships

Today Scholly, the app that directly pairs students with available scholarships, has teamed up with Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams, a former teacher, to help students across the country identify and apply for college scholarships and grants.

Jesse Williams is joining the company’s advisory board and will also act as Scholly’s Chief Brand Ambassador.  Williams is passionate about students reaching their educational goals. In a video released today, he explained that he grew up in America’s grossly under-resourced public school system and his life was completely changed when scholarships granted him access to institutions of higher learning.

After college he became a high school teacher and, like so many teachers, watched countless bright, talented, ambitious, students unable to reach their true potential because they didn’t have the resources to attend college.

“I’m proud to announce that I’m joining the Scholly team in our mutual pursuit to help more young Americans pay for college,” says Williams, “There is no substitute for equal access — there is no substitute for a quality education. Scholly helps us get there, together.”

Scholly, a mobile app that first came in the public eye on ABC’s Shark Tank, matches students directly with the otherwise untapped millions in college scholarships each year. To date, the carefully-curated platform, has accurately matched students more than 50 million dollars in scholarship funds.

“We are thrilled that Jesse Williams has joined our team at Scholly,” says CEO and Founder Christopher Gray.  “He truly understands the plight of those struggling to pay for college and why it’s vital to help them. His passion and educational background will help more students gain access to the funding they need to change their futures.”

About Scholly

Scholly, based in Philadelphia, PA, was founded in 2014 by Christopher Gray — then a student — who won 1.3 million in scholarships. Scholly (As seen on Shark Tank and Forbes 30 Under 30) is an app that gives high school students, current college students, and graduate students a fast and simple way to find scholarships for college. The app turns months of looking for money for college into minutes.  The Scholly App has been #1 in the iPhone and Android App store for several weeks, and, several cities and states (e.g. Philadelphia, Memphis and Montana) have purchased the app for their students. The app has also been endorsed by the Coca Cola Scholars Foundation and the Gates Millennium Scholars Foundation. The free Scholly app – which offers tips and advice for applying for scholarships — is available through the iPhone and Android app stores. The full version with access to the scholarship matching platform is $2.99 and includes a web version as well. For more information about Scholly visit

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