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Jermel Howard Talks Luke Cage and the new Tupac Biopic

Jermel Howard is an actor who isn’t new to your TV screen. You may have seen him in episodes of Law and Order SVU, For Better or Worse or Orange is the New Black. Recently you’ve seem him play Shakeem on Netflix hit superhero show Luke Cage.

The Quintessential Gentleman spoke with Jermel Howard about his thoughts of a Black Superhero, being apart of Luke Cage and filming the highly anticipated Tupac biopic, All Eyes on Me.

QG: We are seeing you everywhere these days. How long have you been acting and how did you get your start?

Jermel Howard (JH): I’ve been acting for a little over 10 years. My first film was “The brave one”  alongside actress Jodie foster and actor Terrance Howard. The director and I just clicked immediately.

QG: In the past week, Luke Cage is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. How did you feel about the role of Shameek Smith?

JH: This role was probably the most awesome role I’ve ever played. Shameek’s character was very layered. You get to see him a little comical. You got to see him in action with guns, and you got to see him on the drama side with that junkyard gangster scene.

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QG: How was your experience filming Luke Cage?

JH: The experience was amazing. Just to be in a marvel project is amazing in itself.  Marvel projects are my favorite. As a kid that’s all I watched, besides Bruce Lee. Ha. So it was a surreal experience.

QG: Were you a comic book fan before being casted in Luke Cage? Who is your favorite superhero?

JH: I most definitely was a comic fan. My favorite super hero is Magneto from X-men, and Black panther from Avengers.

QG: What are your thoughts on a Black superhero?

JH: I think this is one that came at a time in need. Right now, with the controversial racist tension going on, we really needed to see this black man who’s bulletproof, in a hoody become great and well respected.

QG: You were casted in the upcoming Tupac Biopic. How did you prepare for that role?

JH: Well I first had to find out who was his brother. Once I found out who “Mopreme” was, I prepared by watching interviews and performances from Pac and Mopreme.

QG: What is one thing that you learned about Tupac that you didn’t know until you started filming?

JH: I didn’t know how mentally strong and attached he was. He went through so much and didn’t break like most do.

QG: When you’re not acting or preparing for a role, what are you doing?

JH: Just being a human. Ha. Usually writing, at the gym, eating or thinking of more ways to stay relevant. And occasionally playing 2k17 Ha.

QG: If you could be casted with anyone who would it be?

JH: Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker.

QG: What else can we see in the future for Jermel Howard?

JH: You can see me becoming a super hero or bad guy in a show or movie. You will also see me becoming a well known and respected actor, and a huge writer.

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