Jay Z is the Musical Guest for the Season Premiere of SNL

50 cent was definitely wrong in his indignant clause that Jay is too old to be the best rapper in the game. According to “Saturday Night Live”, quite the opposite is indubitable, as it was recently foretold that both Ryan Gosling will be hosting, and Jay-Z will be performing during the season’s premiere. This announcement came during Thursday night’s edition of “Weekend Update,” which just concluded a four-week summer run while being confirmed on the show’s Twitter account.

Gosling is no stranger to the set of SNL, this will be the actors second time on the show, he previously performed as host in 2015. Jay-Z, however, is the voracious veteran, as this will be his fourth time performing on SNL. This is significant for the mogul. The number 4 is synonymous with his pneuma; this year he turned 44 and dropped an album called 4:44, which delivered a very powerful message of upliftment quite different from his previous album’s coherence.

Gosling, starred in last’ seasons hit