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Jaden Smith Newly Released Song “Watch Me”

Jaden Smith just released a new song Watch Me, which is a lens into his ether. I am always curious as to what Jaden will drop musically. His style and interest vary so intensely that it becomes difficult to determine his next musical interpretation. What is less discerning is knowing that no matter what; his music will be ubiquitously Jaden. His voice as an artist is clarion to his personification of self, not exerting effort in his streams of verse, instead, he begets his internal thoughts, thusly creating music identifiable as a good time feel. His voice is less focused on stunting, or cascading into a materialistic location, praising names of affluent designers and luxury goods. Some Black millennials have a difficult time connecting with his voice, growing up with social and economical privilege of the highest echelon, but I argue that his voice is needed in music. It is very rare that we get to examine Black wealth at such high esteem, and through his music, we are able to observe the idealism of a very small subset of Black culture. Still, his musing is definitely a much needed voice of representation in the music industry.

Jaden’s music is also an intersectional paradigm that connects hip-hop with rock, punk, and afroism. The subtle in which Jaden is veritably hip-hop to punk is effortless because he is unctuous both. From the start, Watch Me is fetching, with the strong 80s guitar feel to the backing, and ending with rapping prose about surfing. Everything about Watch Me, from backing to the lyrics, Jaden is definitely his own creative inspiration. His music effortlessly flows with no urgency to profess his own identity. It is a fun song for summer that is definitely something I can find myself playing first thing in the morning as a means to motivate me out of bed to get ready for my daily hustle. Therefore, if you are looking for music that provides you with a jovial, free loving, made for summer, then I strongly suggest giving Watch Me a listen.

Check out the music video below!


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