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Is Microblading the New Grooming Trend for Men?

Meet Julia Milin, the founder of Brow Design International, one of the first companies in the tri-state area to start offering eyebrow microblading. Microblading is a new and fascinating eyebrow trend on the beauty market for men and women that is completely natural. Beauty experts like Julie would agree that it works much better for men because of the thickness of their brow hairs, therefore they can really do so much with it! Check out our interview with Julia of Brow Design to see how she got started and how she is welcoming men into her clinic to try this new service!

Who are you, where are you from, and how did the idea for Brow Design International come about?

I am from Brooklyn, New York originally, but I spent a great deal of my childhood in Houston, Texas. I am a mix of New York City and Texan culture. I have been in the arts all my life, and with that came my interest in beauty and fashion from a young age. The idea for Brow Design International came from my desire to blend my artistic abilities into my fashion and beauty sense. No one was doing Microblading in the USA when I started, so I had to travel to Serbia to learn it. I saw the posts on Facebook in Europe and just knew that I had to learn this skill and open a business. I had a vision when we first started a company that was sophisticated and stylish, with a touch of hip. With this vision in mind, I stay cutting edge, flying all over the world to learn new techniques and products, but always remain fun with my clients and students.

How did you first get involved in beauty and brow industries?

My mother was in the beauty industry since I was a young kid. But it was only when I discovered that I could tattoo a realistic eyebrow onto a person’s face did I realize the potential. Now I am obsessed with beauty and innovation. My next big love is advanced esthetics and helping people look younger and healthy without looking like they are trying.

Why the beauty/eye brow industry? What attracted you to men’s brow care specifically?

My obsession with making the most natural eyebrows is what brought me to do men eyebrows. Too often on social media, I see microblading artists making men’s eyebrows that are too feminine or brows that I know are not going to heal well due to the nature of men’s skin. I knew that I could make the most natural undetectable eyebrow for a man, so that no one will know he had permanent makeup done. I researched men’s shape and hair patterns for a long time before I agreed to microblade a man’s eyebrow.

Men do not always pay attention to the way they look. How should they get there eyebrows done?

Men should get the most natural look for their brows. Men’s brows don’t have to be neat, but they must look uniform with no gaps. Men should opt for a chiseled but not overly “done” look.

What is the difference between traditional eye brow grooming and microblading?

Traditional eyebrow grooming is about pluck, tweezing, or waxing…services that take away hair. With microblading, we are adding in hair strokes in a form of a tiny tattoo. We have the option to reshape eyebrows where there was no hair to start.

How exactly does it work?

Microblading uses tiny needles grouped together in a line. We dip the needles into pigment and then open the skin using a swiping motion. The result is pigment implanted in the skin that looks just like natural hair.

Why should more men get microblading?

Men should definitely get microblading to enhance the natural look of their eyebrows. It gives men a more defined look and can add more drama to the face. Eyebrows shape the face, and more and more men are opting for permanent makeup. If you wanted to learn even more about microblading, check out https://thebrowstudiobycc.com/. They have some brilliant information on the process.

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur about the challenges they might face in the beauty industry, especially men’s grooming?

In the beauty industry, the biggest challenge is to find the perfect look for each individual. The same goes for men’s grooming. Every man is a unique individual and it’s up to the professional to uncover his personality and style.

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