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Is Mayweather V. McGregor good for Boxing?

We are officially less than two days away from another mega fight for the Undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Although, this time he will face the Problematic UFC champion, Conor McGregor. They have finally finished their expansive press tour earlier this week for the 300 million dollar fight. However, the merits behind said fight become more and more askew by each passing day. Forget whether the fight itself should take place but the ethical dilemma that comes with choosing a side.

In a press tour unlike any the sport has seen since the height of the 80’s, fighters have engaged in derogatory and obscene gestures towards one another. McGregor’s comments have been grotesque, stereotypical and serve no purpose except to enrage and belittle. Sure it had the usual remarks of questioning the others masculinity and other ‘run of the mill’ hype train nonsense. McGregors’s comments and actions have sullied the air around what could have been a fun spectacle. Boxing is one of many sports in which fans enjoy placing bets. Do you like sports betting? If so, claim your free bets at

New #MayweatherMcGregor Embedded episode is up!!! — Dana White (@danawhite) August 24, 2017

The fight has become an after thought as the media tour turned to drama. It seems they were trying to give people a reason to hate one fighter more than another and convince potential buyers they might see something interesting.

Speaking of buyers, as is typical with Mayweather bouts, the fight will be available on PPV HD for $99. That’s a lot of money to pay for a fight even if you have that kind of money to throw around. The argument as to whether Mayweather V. McGregor will be competitive is irrelevant in relation to boxing.

Something that has already been lost in the Mayweather-McGregor hype is another fight just a few weeks later. On September 16, just three weeks later and in the same arena, actual boxing belt holders, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will fight.

The fight that was supposed to be a battle between sports best and one of the most exciting title fights in years, is being overshadowed by a fight that more closely resembles Mayweather’s brief stint with the WWE. Alvarez is arguably the most popular fighter in the sport today and at 27 is the future of the Sport. A crazy thing to say since he’s already been a pro for nearly a decade. Matching him up against Golovkin is a match made in heaven and the type of fight that should be talked about for years to come.

However, the amount of fans that will even know it’s happening will have to be underwhelming given the hype it would normally receive. In the three week sprint to the Golovkin and Alvarez match, the Mayweather hangover will be real.

The number of fans interested in paying for a $99 fight is already slim and slimmer when there are two in less than a month. Even more important is boxing as a sport gains little from a Mayweather victory. Opposed to what UFC can gain from McGregor beating Floyd who is notoriously 49-0. Boxing needs the Alvarez-Golovkin fight to not only be a hit but a trilogy. A relevant duo that the sport can match up against one another for years to come. Or at least until Anthony Joshua is ready to take over the world.

If this Saturday is anything like a typical Mayweather bout, the fight itself will be slow and to some boring. It will be Mayweather’s tactical defense besting Mcgregors flawed boxing ability. In the end, however, there won’t be anything to gain for the sport other than those involved.


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