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Investing Made Easy

If buying stocks were as easy as buying gift cards…wouldn’t we all be rich? Well a company called Stockpile has made it just that simple. With Stockpile, you can buy a piece of the investment pie or “stock”, in the form of a gift card, without the ridiculous investment minimums. With as little as $25 you could own a portion of stock from some of your favorite companies such as Apple, Nike or even Starbucks, which means you can give yourself a break for that triple venti latte you just ordered. Pretty interesting, huh? It gets better. You have several options once you have acquired stock and can either hold onto it for the ride, build up some momentum and purchase more, or get up from your seat at the table and cash out. The choice is yours. Unlimited flexibility, affordability and most importantly, ease. Thank you Stockpile for helping level up this year’s ‘stock’ing stuffers. I digress.

Another powerhouse you will want to keep an eye out for is Roofstock, a real estate investment platform that essentially allows you to create rental cash flow the day that you join. You read that correctly. For those of you looking for an innovative, effective and non-traditional way to get into the world of real estate, then Roofstock may be right for you. Their investments are in leased Single-Family Rental homes, but their focus is on helping both new and seasoned investors eliminate the exceedingly high costs of investing, and save you your most precious asset: time. And…it’s paying off big. Gary Beasley, the co-founder and CEO recently stated, “The levels of demand and engagement we are seeing from investors of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world, highlights the fact that people are looking for a better way to invest in real estate.” That we are Gary. Having been in the real estate industry myself for more than a decade, one thing I can tell you, is that the rules of engagement have remained the same, until now. Roofstock is opening the door to an untapped flowing stream of opportunity, and giving investors access to some of the sharpest minds Silicon Valley has groomed up. Bottom line is this…if fear has ever been a factor as to why you have never invested in real estate, then it’s time to have it evicted.


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