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Introducing PRSVR

At the Quintessential Gentleman, it is our job to introduce our audience to a variety of fashion options from all over. If we find cool clothing in stores from city to city don’t be surprised if you find it on our site. Most stores have online shopping options, which makes it just as easy to shop their items even when you don’t live in a particular city.

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of attending a fashion and sports mixer at PRSVR, a fashion retailer located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Margaret Williamson was the gracious host for the event of the brand which she owns and operates with her husband Brandon. They’ve been in business for five years. The event was entitled Fashletic because of this collision of the fashion and sports world.

“It worked perfectly for us because we are a cut and sew brand that actually goes up to a size 16 in shoes and a size 46 waist”, Williamson said.

In a lot of stores, men sizes range from size 28 to a 34 and that’s not realistic according to Williamson because the average man is a size 38.

The retail store doesn’t charge extra to custom make your threads which is a plus for so many men, athletes, and non-athletes alike. Williamson said the entire line is his and hers but it’s done from a male perspective. In terms of the brand, she said it’s made for a man but would also look great on a woman.

“We have a ton of football and basketball clients overseas and here nationally”, Williamson said.

Her words came as no surprise because in attendance was Kelvin Hayden, former NFL player for the Indiana Colts and Chicago Bears. The one time boyfriend of Taraji  P. Henson looked fresh in his PRSVR Carmine Dojo Master Jacket ($298) and his black lace up Barney Boots ($548), also sold by the brand.

A post shared by PRSVR (@prsvr) on May 13, 2017 at 8:40pm PDT

Hayden wasn’t the only NFL alum in the house. Jason Davis, former Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders player, was present wearing PRSVR’s Champagne Dojo Master Jacket. Davis also happens to be business partners with Hayden where they own a gym called Karpe Deem in the South Loop.

“As an athlete, you like different styles and different flavors of things and they bring a different approach to the game”, Hayden said.

Hayden lives not too far from the West Town location, so he takes full advantage of his proximity to “elevate” lifestyle brand. If you’re not as lucky as Hayden and don’t live in Chicago, you’re in luck because PRSVR is opening their store in Atlanta next month.

If you want to shop online there is an option to send in your measurements for sizes that don’t fall within the standard stock items. They can also send you a form to fill out with specifics about your body type and size.

Williamson also said there is a possible shoe collaboration with Karen Civil in the works as well.

“Our key is you want to be the person that they’re asking about not the person they’re talking about”, Williamson said.


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