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Introducing Belieni: An Italian Luxury Footwear Brand

Timeless, subtle, and clean are three words that the Italian footwear brand Belieni uses to describe their shoes. Take one good look at the shoes and you’ll understand why the exclusive brand is set apart from other footwear designs. These cool but classic shoes are offered in the always lux black and white color options. These shoes go from day to night in the easiest of ways which are always a plus when it comes to footwear. This shoe is a hybrid of casual and class. Quality over quantity is what this brand wants to offer their consumers. Find out more about the premier brand as we get an exclusive interview with Belieni owner, Belieni Stevens, as he talks about everything from the construction of the “Calibre” to the future of the brand.

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How did you come up with the names of the different shoe styles for the Calibre?

Calibre was inspired by and designed with my love of watches in mind. I wanted to incorporate subtle cues into the Calibre line as a nod to fine wrist wear. V1 is an indirect way of letting my customers know that we are always evolving.

The shoes have a casual sophistication about them, who is responsible for that concept?

Thank you. Every shoe and accessory that is released from BELIENI is designed by me, from concept to production. The sophistication that the Calibre embodies goes back to my love of fine time pieces. The best ones are classic, subtle and very clean but riddled with details. I wanted to ensure that the shoe was not gaudy, had clean lines, looked elegant and commanded attention without making a fuss. When seen up close you would see a shoe replete with subtle detailing.

Belieni shoes don’t look like many other shoes out now, was that intentional?

That was very intentional. I did not set out to be like anyone else. I wanted a shoe that was different and would stand out in a crowded room or on a display case.

Belieni Stevens

Belieni Stevens, Owner

I know the shoes are Italian made with intricate detailing can you explain the construction process?

I would love to explain the construction. The upper is constructed of hand woven Nappa leather. In essence, it is one large tongue that sits atop wax laces and a second tongue. I do not believe in the visual appearance of laces— aesthetically, they take away from the flow of a shoe. The quilted sides add an air of elegance and sophistication. The single alligator watch strap that flows across the center is secured by a classic watch-style buckle and complemented by an alligator heel.

How does the team work together to provide the best shoe for the consumer?

I have some amazing artisans that allow me to bring my vision to life: two amazing ladies that are just as focused, driven and talented as I am. Together, we’re able to work every angle and navigate any issue. They add that feminine touch and insight that I sometimes need.

Are you sold exclusively online and if not what stores are you sold in?

Yes, at this time, BELIENI is sold exclusively online. That is not to say you will never see us in luxury stores, however.

Will you offer more color options in the future?

Yes, we are actually working on two new colorways as we speak. Customers will have to keep their eyes glued to our social media for details on our upcoming releases.

Can consumers offer creative advice or have a hand in the design process?

We welcome and are open to creative input, especially from our verified customers. We would love for our customers to let us know what they would like to see in a future release.

What’s next for Belieni in 2017 and beyond?

Without giving away too much, you can expect more colorways from the Calibre line as well as more stunning and classic designs. We have some exciting collaborations ahead, and we are also working on something very special for the ladies. Our customers can look forward to Belieni stepping into the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing arena, as well.

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