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Interview with Fashion Designer, Christopher Lowman

Christopher Lowman is proud to introduce his F/W 17 menswear collection which has completely disrupted the fashion industry, by way of his eccentric, chic and meticulously crafted designs.

Manufactured in New York City and inspired by various references including “The Outsiders,” Christopher Lowman’s collection re-imagines the 1980’s rockstar by incorporating unique patterns and a refined fit. Christopher Lowman uses high-end materials, masculine form, unique pattern making, and modern tailoring to create luxury menswear. 

Born and raised in New York City, Christopher began his career in 2014 interning for menswear brands. At the age of 21, Christopher was assigned to an internship at Pyer Moss working closely with the designer and assistants. As Christopher soaked in all of the knowledge he was provided, he gained the confidence to start his own company.

The craze for his designs is underway. Check out our exclusive interview with the designer below.

Who or what inspired you to become a designer? Tell us a bit about how you started designing.

Michael Jackson had a major influence on my style as a teen. Even now, the confidence he displayed in every look he wore was so amazing. I started designing at 19 while interning and working dead end jobs. I was able to find inspiration through those experiences. It challenged me mentally. I was fortunate to gain a lot of experience interning, which taught me so much about the process of being a designer.

Why menswear?

Menswear for me needs the old excitement back where designers are having fun with the process and in love with it. Which is why I designed the F OFF coat for AW17. I wanted to make a statement like, I’m here and this is how I feel.

How have you tried to make Christopher Lowman its own identity?

Staying away from certain trends is very important. You’ll never have an identity if you’re stealing what is around you.

What’s the inspiration behind your current line?

AW17 was based upon the film The Outsiders. I first saw the film in junior high school and I fell in love with the story because that story is the reality for some kids, even some adults, whether its gang culture or the adversity life brings you. I wanted people to be able to express their emotions through the clothing instead of violence in the communities.

Tell us a bit about your creative process.

The creative process is very unique with me because my mind is constantly creating. I can get inspired by hearing someone talk or seeing something they’re wearing that connects with me.

Men do not always pay attention to the way they dress. Give some advice to men – How should they dress to be stylish? And what 3 pieces should every man have in his wardrobe?

Simplicity is always key. 3 pieces that are a must is a Biker jacket, turtleneck, and French terry shirt. You can never go wrong with those pieces. Just make sure it’s by Christopher Lowman.

What advice would you give emerging designers about the challenges they might face launching a brand? 

Study the greats, trust your vision, master your craft and execute exactly in that order.

What do you have in store for next season?

SS18 was super fun designing. I challenged myself creatively with this collection. The concept of the collection is very relatable to everyone.

To learn more about Christopher Lowman check out his website.


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