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Issa Rae Launches New Site to Help Black Creatives Monetize Their Data

Actress, writer and producer Issa Rae isn't letting the pandemic slow her creative momentum. Rae has recently announced her new project Clture, which is a data-driven website designed for the Black creative community.

Rae made the announcement via Instagram, and it was followed by a video that featured Black influencers who've become viral sensations but may not have received fair payment.

Clture will serve as a platform to help ensure that Black creatives can profit from the influential content they impart to others. According to Variety, in September, Rae purchased a stake in Streamlytics, which is a start-up business based in L.A. and founded in 2018. African-American tech entrepreneur, Angela Benton is the head of the company. Like Clture, Streamlytics seeks equal opportunities in media data for people of color.

To learn more about Clture and Streamlytics, please visit the website.

Photo Credit: Tbivision

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