“I AM” Fragrance And Skin Care For Men

Men are starting to pay closer attention to the things that make them smell good as well as what they use on their skin. A man is now more than his haircut or how he dresses. He is now the scent that he produces and the look of his skin when he walks into a room. In a world where women dominate the beauty industry, which products are good for men? The Quintessential Gentleman sat down with Michael Keirsey and Amerrah Brown owners of I AM.


QG: Tell us a little about yourself and what you were doing before starting your own Skin Care Line. 

I AM: Well my partner and I are Entrepreneurs at heart. My Partner has her own Fragrance and Skin Care line for woman for over 15 years called Beautiful Amore (Amazing by the way) and I’m a Realtor so this is a passion for the both of us and look forward to building something that will last for generations.

QG: What is I AM?

I AM: I AM is an All Natural Fragrance and Skin-Care Line for Men. There is nothing out there for Men. Our products are all hand made. We believe here at I AM that style and confidence starts with how you treat yourself. We want to encourage Men and young men to understand the importance of taking care of yourself and your skin. We have 5 scents available and 2 of those scents are unisex. With each scent you get a Bar Soap, Body Cream (Shea Butter which helps heal dry skin Eczema, Stretch marks and scarring), hair and body oil, the roll on fragrance oil, as well as Shave soap with face cream and shave brush. The idea is to help healing bad skin but also to have a consistent scent flow from the shower out into the world.

QG: Why did you get into skin care for men?

I AM: Well the truth is I have always had a thing for fragrances. I saw there was nothing out there for us and what I mean there is nothing out there for us, that covers all bases. See for us, we take a shower and the soap 9 out of 10 times is scented then we come out and put on lotion and that is scented then we put on cologne and pra