How to Test the Air Quality in Your Home

Curious about the air quality in your home? Thinking about getting an Air Purifier for your home? Worried about the things your family is inhaling? You’re not alone. Air quality is an often overlooked feature of home maintenance but it’s essential.

This is because harmful chemicals and toxic agents can quickly spread throughout the air in your home and affect the health of everyone in your household over time.

However, there are a few steps on how you can test the air quality in your home to improve its quality. Even though you may perform some of the actions by yourself, hiring a professional will help a long way getting the best deal.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to test the air quality in your home:

1. Doing Air Quality Tests Yourself

For you to perform the air quality tests in your home, you’ll need an air quality monitor to help you detect the quality of air in your home. This device will effectively help you identify the tiny dust particles and toxic allergens that cannot be observed with naked eyes.

Besides, you can install an air purifier that effectively works in improving the quality of air in your home. Electronic air purifiers such as the Honeywell mn10cesww are the most effective in not only eradicating allergens but also filtering impurities in the air. So, if you have problems with allergens, this can be the best for you.

2. Getting a Professional Help

Hiring a professional can be the best option especially if you have poor air quality in your home, but you’re not in a position to improve on it. A professional will help you make ideal tests and give you the best recommendations. For example, they may find your home has high radon level and needs mitigation. If this is the case they will give you the Radon 1 Nashville Location or whoever is local to you to get this sorted.

If you don’t have an idea on any professional, you can always save yourself that hassle by inquiring from friends or construction companies for referrals to the best specialist within your locality.

A qualified specialist will be able to test a poor air quality based on: