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How to Spot a Quality Suit?

Identifying a quality suit from a mass of cheaper suits is not a laborious task, even though it sounds like one. Whether you’re looking to buy a groom’s tux for your big day or a suit for a job interview, it is important to keep an eye for indicators and signs that point out the quality of suit in general.

So how can you differentiate between a quality suit that is top notch from an extremely mundane suit that lacks quality?

1. The Design:

While looking for the perfect design of the suit you need to keep a few questions in mind;

  1. Does the pattern perfectly align with the suit or not?

  2. Is the fabric made of good quality or does it have the tendency to fade over time?

  3. Are the color tones of the fabric even or not?

  4. How perfect is the suit dyed?

Even if you are opting for a black suit you need to make sure that it possesses all these qualities.

2. The Stitching:

When you are purchasing a quality suit pay close attention to its stitching and observe how the suit has come together. A top-notch suit will have a lot of handwork put into it. The lining is sewn by hand because the machine normally ends up pulling and puckering the fabric. If the suit is handmade, it will not constrain your movements and will make feel more comfortable.

3. The Fabric:

Whether you are purchasing a branded suit or getting it stitched by your personal tailor, the quality of the fabric is VERY important. You need to avoid suits which are made from polyester, instead, opt for suits which are 100% wool. Look for the type of yarn that is used and where it’s from.

4. The Lining:

The lining of suit plays a very crucial role. Suits with poor quality will have fused lining. The fabric is normally glued to the inside panels which will cause a lot of stiffness. If you end up gaining a tad bit of weight the fused lining will leave creases and roll in the suit. A good quality suit will either have half canvas or full canvas lining. The half canvas lining lay somewhere between the fused and full canvassed lining. The lower areas around the buttons and outside pockets of a suit are normally fused and construction around chest and lapels are canvassed.

5. The Details:

Detail always play a very crucial role in making your suit look drab or fab, whether it is the shape of the pockets or the boutonniere loop, the buttons every single one of these details has a long-lasting impact on the way you look. Lapels lacking a slight roll are an example of a cheap suit. Pockets which are sewn by machines will wear off quickly and plastic buttons are a no-no. Manufacturers of cheaper suits usually do not pay any attention to these minor details but people will.

So in order to make your suit stand out in public, you need to pay attention to all these characteristics. Make sure the quality of the suit is equivalent to its price. Check the smallest of details, make sure the suit looks good on you and do not settle for anything less.


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