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How to Spend Time with Your iPhone More Efficiently

A Smartphone is indeed a portable computer. Virtually everyone owns it and nowadays is considered as a symbol of fashion. Majority use their phones to make calls, send text messages, play games and socialize. But what can you do to be more efficient when using your phone? The devices comes with lots of hidden features which can enrich your experience particularly in networking, events attendance and word tracking.

The following are various ways on how you can spend your time with your iPhone more efficiently.

  1. Start Using Notes for your to-do list

For your to-do list to be effective, the list must always be with you. You have your Smartphone at all time which makes it the best tool to track your tasks. Check out the notes app on your iPhone where you can add video, photos and even share.

  1. Language translation

Your iPhone can translate foreign languages in a matter of seconds. We use the iTranslate app which will allow you to translate and define in real time. This is perfect for the millennial traveler who wants to continue to see the world.

  1. Digitalizing documents

We hope you aren’t still waiting until you get into the office to copy and send over contracts and other documents. If you are, you can stop today. You can use your iPhone to get the picture of the document and then convert it to PNG or even JPG. One of the best apps that we use is Genius Scan.

  1. Mobile payments

You can add your credit card details and buy consumer goods across the world by tapping the payment terminal with your iPhone. Apple Pay’s popularity is continuing to grow amongst the younger demographic as the idea of walking around with wallets decreases.

  1. Group Messaging

The days of one on one messaging are a thing of the past. Not only are there more group chats for fun meme sharing but professionals are handling business in group correspondence as well. Slack is the app that we have found to work best for our team correspondence.

By making use of the following guide, you will be amazed at how much more productive you have become in a short period of time.

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