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How to Sell Your Home Before It’s Officially on the Market

So you are moving out of the state and want to sell your home. But how can you effectively market your home without a realtor? Yes, some people opt to do this on their own, whereas some would like to know there is someone there who can give them a helping hand if it all becomes too much to deal with. With this being said, if you are in the process of selling your home, it may be in your best interest to check out sites like and get help from someone who will put you in safe hands when it comes to sorting out this part of your life in the right way. That’s right. A realtor takes away almost 7% of the total selling price as commission; so why a realtor when you yourselves can market and sell your home at better prices and profit rates? Moreover, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is a much better way of negotiating the worth of your home, better understanding among the buyer and seller and most importantly, smooth transactions.

Prepping your house for sale

The first step towards marketing is the correct prep. Renovate, paint and refurbish your house. Fix the leaking taps, creaking doors, and torn curtains. Declutter your house from unnecessary items, de-personalize the rooms, clean the house and surroundings, scrub off bold colors and use neutral paints, remove excess furniture so as to make your house look more spacious and extensive. Also, remember to use bright lighting so as to highlight your house to the maximum. If you want to sell your house quickly, you can! People think that selling a house is a long, lengthy process and it can be, unless you use a company like Sell Property Fast Cash who will take the hassle out of selling your house.


A good photograph is a crucial step towards effective marketing. Cell phone pics are a big no-no. Use a good camera with a wide angle lens. Take chest level photos using a tripod stand and make use of natural lighting as much as possible. Take photos from the corners rather than the straight view. Watch out for the mirrors, for mirrors shall also capture you photographing it!

A “coming soon” sign

A coming soon sign has more value and impact than any other sign like for sale and so on. Also try listing your home as coming soon in the MLS, which indicates that it isn’t officially on the site but will be available shortly. This kind of marketing and real estate signs gives the buyers a feeling that they are viewing something which isn’t available to others yet, giving them a privileged feeling which is important in highlighting and making your home more attractive in the eyes of the buyers. This will also give a more shelf life to your property and at the same time keep it new and more familiar to buyers without giving the idea that it had been for sale for a long time.

Write a good preview of your home

A good description of your house is the most important step towards attracting buyers. Describe the highlights of your house, targeting at specific buyers who will be looking for homes similar to yours. But be careful not to over describe, for buyers wouldn’t spend their valuable time reading lengthy descriptions. Talk about the size of your house, both above grade and in the finished basement. Specify the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other specialized rooms like a library or a lawsuit. Describe the layout of your home, the condition, the recent renovations if any and the location of your house like Miami Florida houses for sale and Miami Florida realtors etc. Write well in short sentences which can make the buyers love what they read about. Pricing your house No business shall ever happen without knowing the value of the item which is being sold. So first know the real value of your home and fix a reasonable price. Always give round figures rather than uneven numbers. Get a home value estimate from William Pitt to ensure you’re getting the best price possible for your house. Don’t overprice your homes for this might scare off the buyers. Give reasonable prices for buyers are usually more inclined to buy a property which has just hit the market and that too with reasonable prices. Partnering with a loan officer Local loan officers can prove to be your best advertisements while selling your house. Smart home buyers seldom look for a property before acquiring a loan and hence, loan officers can easily suggest “affordable and good properties” for buyers. This shall also earn more buyers for your property for the word spread by the loan officer would be more trustworthy than any other source. Arrange an open house An open house is a great way to attract buyers where they can come and see the property which they had been hearing about. Give out an open house flyer to announce the open house, announce it at least 4 days before the ceremony so that the word shall be spread across all the buyers. Put up plenty of directional signs in the neighborhood and main roads so as to attract public attention. Finally and most importantly, make sure that your house looks at its best, for now, is the time when it is going to be judged and decided whether it is worthy or not. Spread the word early One is definitely not going to get a buyer overnight. Buyers are to be earned through conscious and consistent marketing both offline and online. Put up signs in the neighborhood and main roads, give ads in print media and use effective and inexpensive ways like spreading the word through friends and family. Get yourself registered with a licensed realtor. For instance, if you live in Miami, Florida, get yourself registered with Keller Williams Miami. They provide the best publicity for your asset. They focus on the best of the best and prospective buyers are sure to keep tabs on the houses featured in Keller Williams. Always remember to make the most out of a person’s basic psychology, everybody wants what another person cant get. After all, selling your house isn’t a difficult job, once you know the correct cards to play. Written by: Sara O Brown

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