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How to Hibernate Like a King – 6 Hacks

A man needs three important things in life: time for himself, a great wardrobe, and good sleep. If you have those, you’ll be prepared to conquer the world and prove you’re the best of your kind. Now, if the first two are quite straightforward as to how to obtain, the good sleep may be a bit confusing, especially for a young man or one with a family and a career.

The work of a gentleman never stops! You have to be focused on your career, you have to dedicate your time and affection to your family, and you have to keep fresh and ready for entertainment whenever the chance presents itself. So when and where will there be time for sleep?

Well, sleep doesn’t have to be long, it has to be good. And for this, below are six hacks that will help you stay refreshed and energized at all times.

1: Arrange your Bedroom

Here I’m not necessarily talking about decorations and design (although you should implement an elegant and discreet style). When it comes to the bedroom, the general atmosphere must invite you to a good night’s sleep.

This means darkness (which can be achieved with some thick, heavy curtains), low temperature, and quiet. If all these conditions are met, you should be able to sleep like a baby.

2: Get the Right Mattress

It’s important to choose a mattress that fits your style and sleeping position. As there are a few choices when it comes to mattresses and factors to consider, even if it means doing some research into something like Best mattress in a box, at least this is a start to hopefully getting a good night’s sleep.

Of course, a king will only sleep on a king-size mattress, but picking the best may be a bit confusing, with all the designs on the market.

The correct surface will accommodate your body and keep your spine aligned during the night. It will also maintain a great temperature for sleep and will offer the perfect combination of flexibility and softness. You can find some of the options at your disposal here that could be the perfect option for your bedroom.

3: Remove any Devices

I know it’s difficult, but you have to treat your bedroom and your sleep with respect. By having electronic devices near your bed or even in the room, you forfeit your right to good night’s sleep. The TV (regardless of how smart) is a nuisance to your sleeping cycle and the same goes for the smartphone or tablet.

4: Don’t Be Stingy with the Bedding

I know that caring for the bedding is not as manly as you want to seem, but high-quality sheets can have a powerful impact on your sleep. I also know that it’s easier to talk a man into buying an expensive suit that it is to convince him to buy $1,200 bedding, but it’s worth it!

Quality linens make getting into bed a luxurious experience and improve the quality of your sleep. You will enjoy the texture and the way the fabric feels against your skin so much that you’ll fall asleep with a big smile on your face.

Even more, quality linens last longer so, even though they’ll cost more now, you’ll get to enjoy good night’s sleep in them for over a decade. Cheap linens get ratty really fast and you’ll have to get a new set in two or three years.

5: Aromatherapy

No, this is not a girly thing! There are scents that will enchant your senses and calm the mind in just a minute from getting into bed. Not to mention that a discreet perfume in your bedroom will impress any overnight visitor you may have.

Now, regardless of the fact that you’re single or in a relationship, adding a diffuser in your bedroom will improve the quality of sleep and will give you nice dreams.

6: Choose the Correct Pillow

To complete the set, you’ll also need a pillow that supports your sleeping position, so don’t just buy it by instinct. Be patient, test some products, and choose the one that best fits your needs. Also, the stuffing is just as important as the outer layer and the shape so make sure to do your research!

Written by Elizabeth Rosas


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