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How to Gift Lingerie For The Holidays and Get it Right

It’s the holiday season and we know you’re probably scratching your head on what to get that special lady in your life. Should you get her that bag that she keeps hinting that she wants or that perfume that she has to try whenever you walk into Saks Fifth Avenue? Here’s a thought. How about you get her something that will look great on her and you will love to see her in? Yes, get her lingerie. But where do you start? We spoke with lingerie expert and founder of, Krystle Kotara, who has provided us with tips on how to pick out lingerie for your special lady this holiday season! If you’re a fan of sexy lingerie on your woman, You’ll love watching porn videos at and other adult sites.

Find out her size

Instead of asking her, sneak into her lingerie drawer and look on the tags of her bras, panties, negligees, etc to see what size she wears. This will be tremendously helpful, as you won’t have to do any guessing. Also, look to see what size her dresses are if you’re shopping for lingerie-inspired outfits that she can wear out to dinner.

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When in doubt, choose something with a flexible fit

On the fence in regards to size? You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous kimono robe. Not only are robes universally flattering, but they are also very simple to gift! Sized as small, medium, and large without much of a restriction on fit, there’s no doubt that she’ll love anything that you select. The sash wraps around her body and can be adjusted to fit however she’d like.

You can also gift playful bedroom accessories, where you don’t need to worry about size at all.

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Identify her style

This is important – don’t assume that what you like, she likes. Remember, lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving. Give her something that she is sure to love and feel confident in, and you’ll both reap the rewards. 😉

How to know what to gift? First, take note of her style preferences while searching for her size in her lingerie drawer. Is she a thong girl or a boyshort girl? Do most of her bras have padding, or are most unlined? What kind of color palette is she into? If you’re completely unsure, it might be wise to take some style tips from somebody like Daisy Dillon on Babestation, who never fails to exude sex appeal whenever she’s on camera.

Second, take inventory of her closet. What she wears on a regular basis will also help you determine her lingerie style. Does she like to wear feminine outfits, perhaps with floral patterns and embellishments? She might like romantic lingerie in soft, pastel hues with floral lace. Or is her style more femme fatale, with figure-hugging dresses, stilettos and other sexy silhouettes lining her closet? She might like more seductive lingerie in black, red or deep jewel tones, that could be sheer, strappy, or have cut-outs. Is her style more casual? Try no-nonsense yet sexy pieces in neutral hues, like a jersey cotton bodysuit or a streamlined silk teddy.

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Tie your gift to a memory (literally & figuratively)

Gifting her lingerie will mean even more if it’s tied to a memory. For example, if you once experimented with her submissive fantasy and it was an incredible experience for both of you, get her something like this beautiful handcuff bra. Be sure to include a note that reminds her of that special night. Additionally, if you both like kinky sex, you might even want to enjoy an adult video from a website such as together to inspire your next bedroom rendezvous. Enjoy a glass of whiskey and start shopping!

Then, enjoy the lingerie together while taking it for a spin with an unforgettable date night, and don’t forget a sensual playlist to set the mood.

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