How to Expand Your Culinary Palate

\The 21st century male is definitely more than a ‘steak and chips’ guy. Globalization, the social media boom, and the rise of celebrity chefs like Jaaion Barnes, Anthony Bourdain, or Jamie Oliver have made it cool to know your cilantro from your lemongrass, your sea bass from your gilthead or your Hereford from your Aberdeen Angus. What to do if you still haven’t mastered the art of eating with chopsticks, you can’t stand raw fish, or your tongue burns at the touch of a tiny piece of chili? In order to enrich your personal culinary culture, take a tip from the ‘slow food’ movement and do it one step at a time. You don’t need to like or sample every food that is sparking a new trend – just broaden your knowledge and experiences with elegance and discretion.

Pull Out Your Frying Pans

The quintessential way to enjoy a wider variety of foods is by learning to cook. If you have ever seen