How to Care for Your Suit.. and Other Garments

Earlier this week I came across a wonderful article outlining the steps needed to properly care for your suit. It had a great deal of useful information but left me wondering, do consumers know what to do with all of the other pieces that make up their wardrobe? With that notion, I wanted to share some best practices from head to toe.



There is some flexibility with the cleaning options for shirts. Some may only have their shirts dry cleaned; but it is true, however, that you can wash them yourself. If you choose that route, be sure that you are washing on a delicate cycle and using warm water for white shirts and cold water for shirts with color. You can iron them immediately after, or tumble dry on low and then iron. Either way, ironing after the process is vital; but I must point out that it is nearly impossible to achieve the same result when picking up from your dry cleaner. With that said, if you have the money, take your shirts to the cleaner and opt for minimal to no starch. Never, I repeat, Never wear your white dress shirts more than once without a cleaning. White shirts quickly accumulate dirt and it is nearly impossible to remove once it sets in.