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How Taking Care of Your Heating and Air Can Save Money and the Planet

We all use electricity every day, but do you ever think about how it affects not only your wallet but the environment as well? The vast majority of electricity in the U.S. is generated by using fossil fuels. Heating and air conditioning consume a lot of energy, especially when it’s malfunctioning. If your equipment is not functioning properly, you should call your local heating and air Atlanta professionals as soon as possible. By limiting your use of electricity, as well as upgrading and taking care of your heating and air you will save money and give a little help to the planet.

Electricity Consumption

We are all aware that using less energy will make your bills go down, but most of us can’t live comfortably without heating and air conditioning like that available from somewhere like However, your air may be costing you more than it should simply because it’s not at peak performance. Poor insulation and unsealed ducts can add hundreds of dollars to your energy bill and use more energy harmful to the planet. Reducing your energy uses only goes so far when your ducts aren’t properly sealed and insulated. When your air ducts aren’t sealed you will need much more energy to successfully cool or heat your home, AC Repair of Brandon FL created this guide so you’re able to make sure repairs, as well as installations, are done correctly saving electricity consumption, therefore costs in the long run. Have a professional ensure that your ducts are working efficiently. Other simple solutions exist including vacuuming the registers to remove dust build up and making sure no furniture is blocking the airflow. An overlooked cause of insufficient cooling and heating is the doors and windows of your rooms. Any problems with insulation or air leaking from doors and windows will consume much more energy, broken HVAC units use more energy than needed to output the necessary temperatures, for quick repair solutions Lake Country Repair Thiensville WI HVAC contractors provide same day AC and furnace repair services so you’re able to keep your property a controlled temperature without using more energy than needed.

Minor Repairs

There are simple ways to ensure your ducts are working. The first step is to look for leaks by finding holes or separated sections of ducts. Duct mastic is a durable, easy to use material that can seal small seams and joints in your ducts. However, if the gap is major you will need professional help.

Consider installing a well-sealed vapor barrier on the outside of the insulation on cooling ducts. This will prevent excess moisture buildup and condensation.

Installing a carbon monoxide monitor should be installed in rooms with fuel burning appliances and attached garages to alert you to harmful levels of carbon monoxide.

HVAC Maintenance and Upkeep

Upkeep and maintenance will also keep your system working efficiently, saving you money and sending fewer fossil fuels into the planet’s atmosphere. There are many things you can do yourself to maintain your systems before your annual maintenance:

  1. Change the air filter every month. Some units even have a light telling you when your filter is becoming clogged

  2. Clean any debris that may clog the outdoor unit and hose it down when it becomes very dirty

  3. Keep registers unblocked by furniture, rugs, or objects that cut off air flow

You should still get regular maintenance from a professional to ensure the most efficiency in your home. When your technician arrives for a professional tune up you can expect them to look at a few things and ensure they are working properly:

  1. If you have a programmable thermostat, the technician should make sure it is calibrated correctly

  2. The technician will tighten any connections that are loose as well as measuring the voltage and current on equipment

  3. Adding lubricant to moving parts which will decrease electricity use, therefore lowering your energy bills

  4. Inspect and clean any condensation drains preventing water damage to your home

  5. They should clean and inspect that your blower is giving you proper airflow

  6. Inspect the gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger which if not working properly can be dangerous

Many people don’t consider their air conditioning and heating systems and take for granted their comfort in their homes. By regular maintenance and care for your system you can put a dent in your electricity bills and lower your electricity usage. This change could save you hundreds every month as well as cause a little less harm to our wonderful planet.

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