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How Bad Do You Want ‘His Story’?

Whoever said “Boy Groups” was dead has clearly never encountered His Story. These 4 men from all walks of life came together to create something amazing. As most great artists will tell you, you must go through a lot of pain and suffering to bring out the true greatness that lies within you. Giving up was NEVER an option for these guys and that’s why Jalil, Jajuan, Travis, and Drique also know as His Story felt it was time to release their new summer project “How Bad do you Want It?”.  This 9 track Project showcases the talent, eagerness, and individuality of each member all combined to create a piece of art.

Make sure you check out the visuals that are constantly dropping and download the new project TODAY.

Download “How Bad Do You Want It”

Check out the How Bad Do You Want it Skit below.

Visit for more info on the group.


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