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How to Wow Your New Wife With Your Honeymoon

Your wedding is a huge undertaking. It requires a lot of planning, a good amount of stress, and of course will never go exactly as planned. If your wife-to-be has taken over the plans for the wedding, then you need to wow her at every turn on your honeymoon. It can be exciting to have a romantic trip away booked for you, but don’t let her down with a half-formed plan and lack of bookings.

A great trip is one that feels spontaneous but also planned so that you have many exciting activities to do, without it seeming like forced, organized fun. Your new wife deserves the best. To help you plan such an amazing trip, consider the following tips:

Take Over the Planning

While both of you will be planning the wedding, show her how special she is and how well you know her by planning for your honeymoon. Ask her questions, listen to what she would love to do, but most of all, listen to your gut and book activities she’ll love. Is she a lover of wine? Then book a wine tour or a tasting at a vineyard.

Choose an Exotic Destination

The best way to choose a destination for your honeymoon is to choose something that is exotic to your everyday. There are many wonderful locations to consider, many of which have well-known and respectable resorts. For instance, an all inclusive resort in Jamaica is enriched with natural wonders, an idyllic scenery, and white sands for both of you to walk, hand-in-hand. Caribbean destinations can never be a wrong choice.

Opt for the Full-Package

A full-package trip,like an all-inclusive resort, is a great choice because it keeps budgeting simple. Your wedding will already have likely taken up a considerable chunk of your budget, and splashing out on a full-package trip where everything is paid for and included once you are there can help prevent you from dipping into debt.

Tip: Book early before the wedding plans have been finalized to get great deals and to ensure you have money in your budget still for a great honeymoon.

Don’t Over-Plan Your Trip

Though it can be romantic to plan your honeymoon for your new wife-to-be, you don’t want to over-plan. Instead, do all the research, book certain events that either sell out quickly or are only available for one night if you believe she will love but don’t create a detailed itinerary. Layout the best options so she can choose on the day.

Surprise Her in Little Ways

Don’t forget to surprise her in little ways. Plan a dinner reservation, or treat her to gifts. Be romantic, or sweet; it’s up to you. It’s the little things that are going to do the most to win her heart all over again and to really help her relax after the wedding and focus on the two of you. Your wedding is going to be stressful, no matter how small or intimate it is. It requires a lot of planning, budgeting, and stress before the big day, so take the reins and plan a relaxing, romantic honeymoon with your new wife.


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