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Home Projects That You Should & Should Not DIY

To say that you are a devoted DIYer is an understatement. You have been known to ask for tools and gift cards to home improvement stores for your birthday, and you love nothing more than tackling all sorts of projects around the house.

While your dedication to the DIY life is admirable, it’s also important to know when to put down the tool belt and pick up the phone to call in a professional to help. Here are a few examples of home projects that are okay to take on, as well as those to leave to the pros.

Yes: Installing Home Security Cameras

If you have wanted to invest in home security cameras but are hesitant to call in an electrician, take heed: you can purchase wire-free cameras that are easy to install anywhere you wish on your property. For instance, Lorex sells wire-free cameras that still deliver 1080p HD recording resolution as well as infrared night vision. In order words, they may be wire-free and require zero cabling, but the quality of the footage they capture is still top notch. All you have to do is attach the metal mount to any sturdy surface and then lower the camera’s base into the mount until you hear a click, then install the battery pack and your security camera system will be ready to go.

No: Painting Kitchen Cabinets

You might have seen shows on HGTV or other channels that mention repainting kitchen cabinets rather than tearing everything out and starting over, but this is much harder than people realize. Usually, there is quite a bit of buildup on the wood, including kitchen grime and finger oils, and you really need specialized equipment and cleaners to remove the gunk and then expertly paint the cabinets. This is one project you’ll be happy you hired a professional for.

Yes: Converting Those Newly Painted Cabinets to Storage Centers

While painting kitchen cabinets is best left to the pros, there is no reason why you can’t do some DIY work to their interiors. As Martha Stewart notes, you can convert a cabinet to hold wine or other types of bottles. Cut two 1-by-12 boards, or whatever will match the dimensions of the depth and the diagonal spaces in the cabinets, and notch the middle of each piece at 90 degrees. Bisect the pieces, paint them to match the exterior of the cabinet (which is okay to do since it’s new wood) and insert them into the cabinet to make a handy bottle holder.

No: Blowing Out Walls

Removing walls to make a space more open is probably something that you’ve seen on home improvement shows. Yes, you have the tools to do it and the strength and desire, but you might not have the contractor skills to determine if it’s a good idea. As you have undoubtedly seen on these shows, some of your walls are load bearing, which can lead to serious consequences if they are merely knocked down — this includes the ceiling possibly caving in and hurting you and your family. Call a contractor and let him or her handle the work.

When You Can, Go For It

If you go through your home and make a list of projects you’d like to tackle, you will probably find plenty of things to keep your DIY self happy for months to come. But for more serious and intensive projects, by all means, call a pro to come in and do the work; you might be able to assist on the project, but it will mean you can rest assured that it is being done correctly and safely the first time.


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