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Six Items That Are Attracting Pests to Your Home

No one wants to have to deal with a pest infestation in their home, yet some of us have unintentionally got properties that attract unwanted house guests that can be difficult to get rid of. Is your home one of them? There are a few things that you may be doing that are making places in your property a haven for rodents and pests. Once you know what to look out for, you will be able to tackle it and reduce the chance of having to deal with this potential problem. These are some of the items that you might want to keep an eye on.

White light bulbs

Insects can see three different colors: ultraviolet, blue, and green. So, they’ll be primarily attracted to lights that emit cool tones. If you have LED lights that have a blue or white color, then you may wish to make your home less inviting by replacing them with bulbs that emit a yellow or warm hue – especially for lights that are outside.


Your pets might not be the problem, but cats and dogs can bring in fleas and ticks into your home – so you should keep proper grooming and care in mind for our furry friends. Their food and waste can attract other critters, as their food can create crumb piles that are delicious for pests.

Untreated wood

Carpenter bees, for instance, can be attracted to wood that hasn’t been treated and is weathered. Such infestations can occur in the eaves of a home, in sidings, and on decks. To prevent these infestations, you should treat wood in and outside of your home with moisture- and weather-proofing material. However, take care with white doors, and window frames as these can be attractive to stink bugs.

Unused drains

Unused or clogged drains may be bringing flies into your home. This is because they like to feed and breed in these types of places because they provide the shelter and moisture that they want to have in a potential home.


If you have clogged gutters, then these provide perfect living conditions for bugs such as cockroaches and ants because they’re moist, protected, and have leaves they can eat. From here, pests can easily get into your home through the eaves and attic.

Your garden

There are some common mistakes to avoid when planted and tending to your garden, so you don’t attract pests to your property. Overwatering, for example, can attract fungus gnats and shore flies – the latter of which feed on the algae that develop in plant troughs and trays. You can also bring in pests from plants that move from one garden to another.

What if I have a pest problem?

No matter how vigilant you may be at trying to keep pests away, sometimes you will come across an infestation. If this happens, don’t worry: you can find a pest control specialist that can help. You can ask someone to assess the issue, and then you can find out what options are available so you can deal with the problem swiftly and with ease.


The presence of pests can disrupt the harmony and comfort of our living spaces. Your piece does a commendable job highlighting the different nuisances we might encounter and the potential risks they pose. For anyone in the Ohio region grappling with pests and looking for effective solutions, I've found Pests Control in Cleveland to be both responsive and proficient in their approach. Managing pests goes beyond just immediate elimination; it's about understanding their habits and preventing future infestations.


Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Aug 29, 2023

Discover the culprits behind pest invasions with 'Six Items That Are Attracting Pests to Your Home.' It's a valuable insight into how our daily habits inadvertently invite bugs indoors. To tackle these challenges head-on, consider professionals like Exterminating Ants. With their expertise in insect control, they address infestations and prevent further nuisances. From food storage to home maintenance, this article underscores the need for vigilance in keeping pests at bay. So, while small changes can make a big difference, companies like Exterminating Ants offer the comprehensive solutions needed to maintain a pest-free haven.


Hanna Ovr
Hanna Ovr
Sep 02, 2022

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