Home Away From Home Off the Coast of Panama at Ocean Reef Islands

You don’t have to wait until retirement to settle down, take it easy, and buy into a luxury home away from home off the coast of Panama. Maybe you even want to move to London and enjoy some of the amazing properties you could discover at Space station . Haven’t you always dreamed of living secluded off on an island away from everything that you know next to blue water? Grupo Los Pueblos has just the location you’ve been looking for. Recently, they launched international sales of Island Two at Ocean Reef Islands. Ocean Reef Islands are the first of its kind in Latin America. It’s a gated residential sanctuary and consists of two man-made islands with a plethora of one of a kind amenities right off the coast. Both of the islands, one and two, borders over 46 acres of new oceanfront splendor real estate in a distinguished island key. Sounds exquisite, doesn’t it? We know.

The President and CEO of Grupo Los Pueblos, Alfredo Aleman: “We have been able to develop an exclusive concept and are offering a unique product that select buyers are excited to be a part of. Ocean Reef Islands will set the bar for the future of luxury real estate in Panama and the Western Hemisphere and I’m proud to be a pioneer of this innovative engineering achievement. These luxury oceanfront residences are truly one-of-a-kind and unmatched in the region.”

Their latest addition, Island Two, covers 21 acres and provides 65 oceanfront lots, beginning at $3.7 million. The single-family home lots range from 9,145 square feet to 13,454 square feet. You also have the option of one of several luxury waterfront residential condo developments brought to you by Island Two. They’ve collaborated with a few well-known architectural and design firms, such as Mallol Arquitectos, Gomez Vasquez Internacional, and George Moreno & Partners.

The boutique properties offer four floors with two units per floor. Residences will spotlight three-bedrooms with an average of 2,800 square feet starting at $1.3 million. Each project offers penthouses, which include private rooftop terraces and pools with views that could die for. Each building will have a social area, pool, and terrace with undeviating views of the marina.