Holiday Grooming Survival Guide

US adults estimate that they will spend approximately $885 on Christmas this year, and with all of the clothing, gifts, and decorations that that entails, it begs the question of just where you’ll fit in grooming and self-care into your schedule and budget. Grooming is crucial, especially around the holidays. While the holidays are time for giving thanks, for reflecting on the year that’s passed, and also for showing off just how good you look in that suit at your company’s Christmas party. If you’re looking to exude success and impress this holiday season, here are a few ways in which you can tackle the cold weather and make your hair, skin and overall image work for you.

Follow Suit

The clothes you wear are one of the biggest ways in which you communicate your attention to grooming, and Christmas 2018 is all about luxury and style, as Odell Beckham Jr. has made abundantly clear with his pre-game outfits that have stunned viewers and revolutionized holiday fashion thus far. This year, try opting for a simple light blue or olive green two-piece suit and pair it with a brown leather watch that pops off your wrist. These colors particularly compliment the skin tone of African American males and will have you feeling like Idris Elba when you roll into your next party. For a more casual vibe, go with a good knitted jumper layered over a casual plain shirt. Pair it with a below-the-waist fitted coat and you’ll be practically warm and stylish.

Treat Yourself

In the midst of gift-giving and party planning, don’t forget to treat yourself to something extra special like a visit to a dermatologist. While you could opt for a fancy, budget-breaking treatment, visiting a qualified dermatologist is a quick way to cut through all of the BS and get accurate information specifically about you and your skin type. These types of treatments are particularly helpful for men with a lot of body hair or other general skin and hair issues related to the body. They’ll be able to help you formulate a treatment plan that could include more exfoliation, a dose of high-quality skin masks or simply skin balancing creams that can even out your tone. Getting a specified treatment plan suited to your skin is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this holiday season and will pay off for the entire year to come.

Work the Fade

This holiday season, to achieve the best haircut, the only thing more important than the product you’re using is the actual haircut you’re getting and when you’re getting it. A good fade can last up to about ten days, but if you go to the right barber and they know just how to trim it on top, it can last up to a month. When getting your holiday cut and fade, ensure that the top is trimmed just slightly less than what you might like to ensure it lasts throughout the holidays. Then, each morning when you wake up, ensure you thoroughly wash out any leftover product still left in your hair. To get the best quality out of your cut, it’s recommended that black men stick to shampooing only about twice a week depending on your activity level. This will allow you to work and style your cut and fade however you want.