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Hibachi For Lunch By 2 Chainz

He told you he was “different” and he was right. Rapper 2 Chainz just introduced the release of his new clothing line and mixtape entitled Hibachi For Lunch. The announcement came via his instagram

A post shared by 2 Chainz Aka Tity Boi (@hairweavekiller) on Oct 27, 2016 at 3:17pm PDT

In one video from the flamboyant rapper’s IG account the title of six new songs is revealed with corresponding wardrobe for each song. The video opens with him saying “everything I got on designer”, which comes as know surprise if you pay attention to the rap god’s style. Popular features from the mixtape include Gucci, Ty Dolla Sign, and Future. 

The way 2 Chainz serves us this hybrid of fashion and music explains why he aptly titled the collection Hibachi For Lunch. There are nine other looks available on his social media account as well. So far the collection includes hoodies, tees, long sleeve shirts, and the trendy dad caps. Hibachi For Lunch includes Japanese imagery as well, hence the name. 

The line was just revealed less than 24 hours ago. A lookbook has also been launched showing 2 Chainz and other models wearing different items from the collection in street style photos.

This is not the rapper’s first venture in fashion. He has a growing clothing line called CEO Millionaires which you probably have seen on Instagram. Fashions from the line have been worn by some of the hottest people in the music industry such as Young Durk, DJ Envy, and Sway Calloway. The popular CEO Millionaire hoodie has been sold out but many other items remain available on

The ATLien also conquered fashion last year around Christmas time with the release of the dabbing Santa sweater. He took the ugly Christmas sweater theme and mixed that with Santa Claus doing the popular dabbing dance. That endeavor earned the rapper $2 million. The “Big Amount” artist proves to be someone to watch out for on the hip hop fashion front. 


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