He’s Gotta Have It Too! An Exclusive Interview with Cleo Anthony

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When announced that the legend himself, Spike Lee, would remake one of his own cult classics into a mini-series we knew at that moment there would be a shift in cultural storytelling. With Lee’s signature style and reverence for the black experience, this 1986 original will now become an art piece that transcends generations. She’s Gotta Have it is a series that explores sexuality, sisterhood and the unforgiving pressures that society place on women. It is through Nola Darling, who’s juggling fourth relationships, that we are introduced to the character, Greer Childs. In the 1986 version, one could describe Greer Childs as a narcissistic male chauvinist, however, in the 2017 adaptation, we get to meet a new complex character with similar values and new struggles.

We had the opportunity to speak with actor Cleo Anthony, who plays Greer Childs in the Netflix Series of She Gotta Have It, to