Hamilton Raymond Gives Strategy That Delivers in Education

Did you know that Penn State has the highest graduation rate in that state?  Hamilton Raymond & Associates specializes in these type of statistics, as your professional educational consultant. Head honcho, President, and CEO Hamilton Raymond has been in business for nearly a decade; assisting in professional experience surrounding educational counseling, program development, and veteran and student affairs.  Read more about Hamilton Raymond & Associates below from the boss himself.

What is a day to day like for the President/CEO of Hamilton Raymond & Associates?

Take time to plan: My day usually begins right around 5:30 in the morning; starts with self-affirmations, a workout routine, and dropping my daughter off to school. By 7:30 am, I can be found in my office with my cup of Joe drafting out a plan for the day. I like to have some time to myself, free from distractions so, I make sure that I am the first to arrive in the office. I typically draw up a grid divided into four sectors: Team, Strategy, Product, and Growth. Then I list out the tasks that need to be accomplished in each area. This helps me make sure that I touch all of the major aspects of my business and don’t let anything slide.

Touch base with the team: I still have a relatively small team, so I am able to engage with everyone one-on-one on a daily basis. Once in the office, I make the rounds and get a feel for where people stand, physically, mentally and emotionally. The goal of these check-ins is twofold, first, it gives me the opportunity to see what everyone is working on and make sure they are on track. Second, it enables me to see how people are feeling and address any issues that they may have before it becomes a real problem. I have found that challenges of all kinds are easier to deal with when you provide clear channels of communication.

Communicate with your stakeholders and clients: This is by far the most important aspect of my day; after the team check-in, there is usually a conference call with members of my board to talk strategy. I have found that this is the time for me to work on the big picture and deepen relationships with our investors. After meeting with investors, my team and I begin outreach to gain clients. Being that I am in the business of higher education and my product serves students in the K-12 system, we have to strategically contact them, due to DOE school hours. Therefore, outreach occurs via email and/or text messaging mainly. A big portion of my duties includes writing grants to our investors in hopes of getting funds. Even though I am the CEO, I still have a boss. I work for my shareholders and clients, and this becomes my time to engage with them.

Focus on the product: Next, I spend time working on our product, which is providing information on college admissions and helping with the application progress. We brainstorm, debate on exactly how to deliver proper, realistic, and accurate information to our clients.

Thinking and writing: The end of the typical work day for me marks just the halfway point of my day. After picking up my daughter and heading home for dinner to spend some quality time with the family, I focus on writing and building the HR&A brand. I push myself to write every day and it is invaluable time. Much of this writing never sees the light of day, this is very much my time to reflect, decompress and prep for the next day.

What was your inspiration behind the brand?