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Halloween Inspired Men Fashions

Halloween is right around the corner so why not be festive with your fashion. For those of you that don’t want to wear a costume, we want to give you some less literal fashion ideas. We understand that some of you might just want to wear a sweatshirt, pants or some other fashion accessories to bring in the holiday. From the office to a late night party, not everyone feels comfortable in a head to toe costume that’s why we wanted to take a different approach. Take a look at some of these Halloween inspired looks that might give you some ideas for your ghoulish garbs.

The first item is from High Snobiety’s “15 Best Products Dropping This Week” list. It is a Bandulu “Pumpkin King” Vintage Champion sweatshirt with a Jack-o-lantern’s face ($333). The look is cool and we can see it paired with black denim jeans to complete the look. Maybe throw on a pair of Timberlands on Dr. Martens.

The next look is a Halloween print sweatshirt from Zara ($29). It comes in purple which doesn’t scream Halloween but Witches, Zombies, and Ghosts definitely do. The sweatshirt is cool and allows you to participate in the holiday in your own way. If you’re going out on Halloween night we say pair this sweatshirt with a denim jacket and some distressed denim jeans.

Let’s throw some pants in the mix! These are Reclaimed Vintage Halloween inspired relaxed trousers in stripe ($64). These pants definitely give us a Beetlejuice or prisoner vibe. You’re getting a look that might be reminiscent of typical Halloween characters but definitely can stand on their own. For this look, we suggest a long sleeve white collared shirt or black turtleneck and a black leather motorcycle jacket.

Once again it’s not always about a full costume to show your holiday spirit. This Urban Outfitters exclusive “IT” t-shirt ($28) will help you look cool and creepy at the same time. You’ll also be right on trend as the main character from Stephen King’s 1986 popular film has made a resurgence since last month’s release. Wear this shirt with some skinny leg jeans and some Vans or Puma Creepers.

Speaking of Creepers we came across some Fenty Men’s ankle strap sneakers ($190) that work for Halloween as well. The black and white work well because they pair well with simple costumes from skeletons to bank robbers. These will work well even if you wear all black and decide to go with face paint to complete your finished look. We added the multicolored sneakers as another option because we liked the finishing touch of the orange and black Puma print across the ankle strap of course because orange and black are traditional Halloween colors.

Have we given you any fashion-forward ideas for Halloween? If so, please share your ideas.


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