Guyvencchi Dorvil Talks Becoming a Fitness Model, Eating habits, and Intense Workouts

It seems as if Fitness is the new craze! If you scroll down your Instagram you are bound to see a plethora of well-built men flexing their muscles. But does one just wake up and say they want to be in the fitness industry? We spoke with Fitness Model Guyvencchi Dorvil and he let us in on why he became a fitness model and how he keeps in great shape!

What made you become a fitness model?

Being as blessed I am genetically, and being physically active since I could remember. I am also constantly working out. Everyone I knew began to tell me that I look too good. That I should do something with it. Not to waste what I’ve built so far. After hearing that so many times, over and over again, I told my girlfriend who is a photographer “let’s do it!” She had been trying for some time now to take pictures of me. So I finally reached a point and said what could it hurt. Now I’m trying to see where it takes me.

Describe a typical work out for you?

A typical work out for me is very intense. I can go from 1 to 2 times of cardio before and after. All depending on what muscle I’m focused on for that day. I played football and still have hopes and dreams of playing pro. So my work ethic is second to none.  A couple years ago I to prep myself for CFL free agent camps, which came around every year, just to try and make a roster. I knew I couldn’t grow taller but I could definitely put on some size to grab some attention. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work yet. But the hard work in the gym is definitely paying off in other ways.

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