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Grooms Holiday Gift Guide

So you’ve crossed off the major to-do’s. You got the ring, popped the question and she said yes! You narrowed down your list and you’ve chosen the men that will stand up at the altar with you and hold you down as you enter the next stage of your life. But you’re not quite done yet- you’ve got a little more work to do, my friend.

Gifting your groomsmen for participating in your special day is not a requirement but definitely a great way to thank them for being a part of the journey.

Not sure what to get or where to start? The Quintessential Gentleman has you covered!



If you want to make sure that you and your groomsmen look like your stepping out of a magazine then GROOMS: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget is a must! It’s like having a personal stylist whenever you need it- for all the special events leading up to the big day and after. Budget is king in every aspect of wedding planning. When you consider the expenses that your groomsmen will have for your wedding, you’ll want to think of ways to help them stay on budget but still look like they broke the bank! GROOMS is a great resource to help define your look, select and execute it while saving a little money.

Square Boss

As a wedding planner I know that it’s sometimes difficult to avoid the “security guard look” for groomsmen because – let’s face it – they’re all wearing the same tux. We’ve found the perfect solution for this problem. Square Boss pocket squares allow each guy to show off his style and personality while keeping them looking dapper. No need for boutineers (the flowers you’ve probably been forced to wear in the past on your lapel) a pocket square is the hottest trend for the modern groom and his g-men.

 C+C Lifestyles by Design

C+C Lifestyles by Design unisex watches are a luxurious option to gift to the entire bridal party and make sure they’re all on time on your wedding day! These elegant timepieces will complete the look on the wedding day but also become a keepsake reminiscent of the good times shared together.


Glo Science POP

Picture-perfect smiles are a must-have! Hook your g-men up with pearly white smiles with GLO POP 3 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment. This system is known for its amazing results and unlike other whitening treatments; it produces little to no tooth sensitivity. This is a quick and easy gift pick-up perfect for the last-minute-shopping-groom.


TAUN Small Batch Skincare Repair Formula is a one of my favorite gift ideas. Skincare is so important for men and many don’t know where to start or which product to get. TAUN offers an amazing blend of natural ingredients that will help keep you and your g-men looking youthful. This is one their ladies will thank you for.


Can’t think of a special way to ask your friends to be your groomsmen or do you want to add some extra fun to your bachelor party? Well, Medea Vodka has the answer for you! Personalize each bottle with a special message. Whether it’s an inside joke or their name, each guy will know exactly which bottle is theirs and light up the night.

Doc Artisan

Doc Artisan docking stations are one-of-a-kind and super-functional gift options. With different styles to choose from, you’re most style conscious to outdoorsy friends will thank you.

Let us know if this list helped you or if you have other suggestions we should know about!

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