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Grieving Atlanta Zoo Names Cockroach After Tom Brady

Many folks in the A—and all around the country for that matter—are still pretty upset the New England Patriots completed an improbable 25-point, come-from-behind win in Super Bowl 51 just two Sundays ago.

One business, for sure, that is still pretty disappointed about the outcome is Zoo Atlanta. Today, the Zoo named a cockroach after Tom Brady, who cemented his legacy as the greatest quarterback in the history of the game, bar none, hands down, after leading a comeback for the ages.

Apparently, though, the zoo honored a bet, as the stipulation was for the loser—between Park Zoo and Rhode Island’s Roger Williams Park Zoo—to name a baby animal after the star quarterback who came out victorious in the Super Bowl.

According to the Associated Press, both zoos, however, agreed the animal to be named after Tom Brady would be a Madagascar hissing cockroach.

The timing of naming a cockroach after Brady is perfect as the zoo introduced a whole family of cockroaches on Monday.

Brady haters or Patriot detractors will love this, but it can’t be denied that in the fashion Brady won his most recent Super Bowl, coupled with his historic stats, he is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best quarterback we have ever seen.


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