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Grand Marnier Launches Live Grand Campaign in New York City

Who knew that living grand could be within arms reach. We typically think that living a luxurious lifestyle costs at least a week’s worth of pay and by the time you’re ready to splurge you’re faced head-on with a reality check. However, thanks to the people over at Grand Marnier, we’re shown how to live in the moment, feel as grand as we want to be, and share the experience with friends without breaking the bank.

Editor-In-Chief Eric K. Thomas

Editor-In-Chief Eric K. Thomas

This past Tuesday, we attended an exclusive introducing the new world of Grand Marnier who partnered with French Institute Alliance Francaise to host an amazing event filled with music, food, and of course, plenty of Grand Marnier. During the event, guests could take photos inside a room full of Grand Marnier bottles or take a walk through the maze which only lead to more Grand Marnier.

This premiere visionary bland of cognac and exotic oranges takes your palette on a world-class adventure. We encourage you this weekend to get dapper, visit a friend and Live Grand!

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